The Kiss of Judas, Rejection And How The Lord Cheered Me Up

Earlier in the evening I posted about those of us who make excuses to the Lord that we cannot do this or that because life gets in the way and our pleasures. In the same post I spoke about how we choose the least of all places while our hearts really choose the high places because we are full of pride.

Then I received some sad news where the Lord through me has been given once again that mystical kiss of Judas who lurks and spies on his every movement. But it was countered by the Lord who really knows how to bring cheer to my heart during such times.

I walked around my kitchen with my eyes burning with pain for want of sleep. This week has been one of rejection for me. On Monday I collected from the art gallery my print of Caravaggio “the taking of Christ”. It’s my favourite work of art by the Lord. I was so excited to finally get it home and be able to stare at it.

Little did I know I had a Judas in my midst who lurked and spied on my movements. I was rejected for a Bus driving position, then I was rejected for the permanent diaconate and then I turned to my painting of Judas kissing Jesus and I was amazed at how the week had unfolded.

Now, tomorrow I must speak to someone about another project and if they reject me I’m going to simply laugh at the insanity of it all. The Lord is being glorified this week but not me, I’m His target who must bear it all patiently and with much love. My wife scolded me saying, “You’re irritating people with your posts”. I pointed her to the Cross on my wall, “Yes, and look where it will lead me. What an honor”.

Gods will must be done and I have no desire to chase the diaconate only the desire and Will of the Lord. I have no desire to chase a simple Bus Driving job either. Wherever I go, whatever I do although I will initially receive the rejection with sorrow, yet soon after it will be mingled with the joy of knowing Gods will is being accomplished.

Now, while all of this was inside of me, I turned to the Lord for guidance. I light my 7 candles and stood before my icon wall staring at the crown of thorns my favourite image. I then opened the Bible at random expecting God to speak to me and give me some sort of sign relevant to the rejection I received all today and mostly likely tomorrow as well. Instead of that, he gave me a whole page of scripture that screamed at me about what I’d just written.

First I read in the Gospel of Luke about the guests who chose the higher places and were soon humbled and then right after this it speaks of the invited guests who made excuses. HAHAHAHA. That made me laugh because I had just written this post titled, “We make nothing but excuses, excuses and more excuses”. In it I speak how people sit at the back of the pew in a bid to look humble when their prideful hearts have chosen the front pew so of what good is it to them? Then I talk about those who always make excuses to the Lord. Yes, the Lord decided to ignore my sorrow and instead of feeding it, gave me some glory and joy instead.

Ah, Judas, your kiss is one that has lasted centuries and still today, in your folly you think that by spying and lurking on the Lords movements and reporting all back to the relevant authorities you are doing some great Holy thing.

See the source image

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