A New Dream and Another Adventure

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Last night I had another dream where again I was in a Graveyard in Limerick City. Instead of Looking for my great grandmothers grave this time I was searching for my great grandfather and his fathers Grave. The former is John and the latter is Martin (my grandfather was Martin, my father is Martin and my brother called Martin.)They were all fishermen down in Limerick.

I had been searching for their graves for sometime but no luck at all. In my dream I’m driving around Limerick City searching for another Graveyard other than Mount Saint Lawrence. In the heart of the City I come across a Graveyard with very old tombs in it. I enter in but then it expands into thousands of graves. Like my previous dream with my grandmothers grave I’m a little overwhelmed.

The Sun is setting and there’s little time to find the Grave. I’m standing on an invisible marker and saying to my wife, “They’re here. . . this is it.” But then I spot a tombstone made out of stone sculpted into two large Anchors with ropes on them. These Anchors and ropes were tattoos my Great great grandfather and his sons had on their arms. It was a fisherman guild thing and they also had nicknames.

I read about my great uncle Patrick who when in the army, got described by the officer as having a fisherman’s tattoo on his forearm of an anchor and rope. I think I’ve cracked it and as I rush towards the tomb I wake up.

The previous dream of my grandmother Annie was incredibly accurate. After I had it I went down to Limerick months later and all the imagery in my dream was identical only flipped as like a mirror. For example in my dream of Annie I get out of the car and the wall is on my right and the Cathedral in the distance. But when in reality I visited months later I got out of the car and the identical scene and wall was on my left with Johns cathedral in the distance.

I remember having a fright seeing that everything was identical as in the dream. Even the overgrowth of the grass is identical for when I entered the graveyard all the men were trimming it. I nearly lost my life and my legs became like Jelly. I was thinking, “Dreams really do come true sometimes”.

Now, I’m not familiar with Limerick City but I have heard there’s a few old graveyards in it that are not too far from where the fishermen lived. I’m thinking about getting in my car and going down again for a weekend to find it. I don’t expect this dream to be identical to reality but if it is I don’t know what to say. I’m going to stupidly follow this dream and look for a tombstone with an anchor on it.

I’m told that they’re so old all the writing is washed off them. But if I can find one with an anchor and rope I think it might be them. Why they’ve come to me last night I’ve no idea. I don’t know what this constant call to Limerick is all about but lets take a chance, follow it and as they say in my town of Dundalk, “See what the story is”. 😉

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