My Dream In Athens Has Come Back To Haunt Me

Image by William Ehrendreich from Pixabay

In 2013 I met a Greek Orthodox woman on Facebook. I’d known her for about a year online when all of a sudden she made the invitation to come visit her in Athens. Her neighbour had a free apartment she would rent out to us at a very affordable price. I’d never met her before and I’m a very eccentric kinda person. If you invite me I’ll take the plunge and go. My wife came along with me and she had just got the all clear from the cancer (but the lump came back in Greece and when we came back she was returned to hospital. . . long story).

When we arrived in Greece man it was so hot and the apartment had no air conditioning because the neighbours son was a bit of a hippy who loved to sweat it out. My Greek friend gave me a loan of her fan and I lived with my head and feet in the freezer all that week. This was my first ever trip to Greece so it was all so new to me and at the time I was in love with the Greek Orthodox Church (I always had been).

I spent my days going around Athens and refused to pass by a Church without entering it. Whether it was old or new every Church got a visit from me in that city. Later that night my landlady Irini gave me a package and said, “here, put this under your pillow.” Asking what it was she explained to me, “It’s the vestments of my brother who was a monk in Holy Mount Athos but died. I want you to have his vestments under your pillow.” With that said I took them from her gladly and with great respect for the Holy monk who wore them.

While asleep during the night I had a dream. In my dream I was stood in the ruins of a Greek Orthodox Church and the sky was black very much like the photo above which is why I chose it but blacker. It was pure black with only the building visible. Now, I was chanting in Greek (even though I don’t know Greek) a hymn that I later found out was to the Most Holy Theotokos which I will include in this post.

The next day I’m going through some byzantine chants on my tablet or something and I find the chant. I became very spooked by it. But to this day I have no idea what the dream meant. Why was the Orthodox Church in ruins, why was I singing this song in Greek even though I don’t speak Greek? Why was the sky pitch black? I can’t really recall what I felt like in the dream only that I was singing with such conviction and power. In reality I can sing. It’s sung in many different ways but here is the closest I sung it in on YouTube.

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