Not Everything Is Gods Will

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Something happened me recently that prevented me from going forward in a particular project. A person said to me that it was not Gods Will and that everything is Gods Will. I explained that everything is not Gods Will. For example It is not the Will of God that we should suffer murder or rape. It is not Gods Will that we commit sin. One can only say that the Lord will bring something good out of the bad that happened.

I further explained that the Will of the Lord, if he wants something to happen He will do it, but people in their sinful ignorance put obstacles in His Way and they’re usually small minded souls blown about by the wind of their human traditions and way of perceiving how things should be. What I mean by that is like the Pharisees they hold a certain view of how the world should work even in the Church but it’s all from their human spirit and does not align with Gods Will. One can only hope that the Lord looks upon such ignorance and spares them but that is not always the case either.

When God wants something, all the devil can do through the stupidity of the most holiest of people or the most sinful (such as myself) is delay the inevitable. St.Paul speaks about how the devil had prevented him from seeing a certain group in scripture. St.Paul experienced serious delays but God help the person by whom that delay comes about, because not all ignorance is overlooked by the Lord. When a person behaves like this they play Russian Roulette with their souls.

Remember in scripture when the people said to the Lord, “But we cast out demons in your name” and lamented all the good they thought they were doing? But they were mightily ignorant of the bad they’d done and for this reason were cast into Hell. Therefore ignorance although it lessens culpability for sin in certain situations, does not completely exonerate someone from the punishment due to them.

The idea that certain situations are always Gods will is false, sometimes it’s the devil who creates these situations and God allows it only because of the nature of free Will and His respect for it. But it’s a delay of the inevitable should something be the Will of the Lord and the devil get in the way. I could be wrong, and sometimes I cast doubt on that last statement. I often wonder if sometimes the devil, although he has already lost the war, nevertheless makes small victories here on earth. No matter what the case may be, we know that not only in the end he loses and will be destroyed, but has already lost.

Remember that not everything is Gods Will, get that out of your head and watch yourself because if St.Peter can be used by the Devil to try and prevent the Crucifixion what will He do with you? St.Peter had the advantage of Jesus being there to show him how stupid he was. In the end he is sorry and confessing His Sin of denial and ignorance, not because he wished to abuse the mercy of God and carry on sinning but because He truly meant it. Watch yourself that you do not end up doing the same.

Also remember, that delays can happen because the devil has used the ignorance of all parties involved to get the job done. You’re pointing the finger of blame at everyone else, but sometimes you may have done something that caused this project to fail. You opened a door for the Devil to walk in through the use of the ignorance of another person, and another and before you know it there’s this pile of demons on top of you and everyone involved with you and the whole project fails. All must pray that there be no delays and nobody gets used by the Devil.

Spiritual discernment is not easy and I view it as a punishment rather than a gift, why? because you have to deal with everyone else who doesn’t have it. But nevertheless we should pray for it as although it’s not necessary for the salvation of our souls nevertheless is a great help. I can walk a mile in my bare feet but If I put on a pair of socks and shoes, not only will I avoid injury to my feet, I’ll be able to walk the extra mile. That is what spiritual discernment is, a pair of shoes to put over our feet to make the journey more safer and comfortable. Let us pray for it and put on the shoes of discernment and walk the extra mile with Christ.

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