Medical Apartheid In Dublin

Image by papagnoc from Pixabay

Our trip to Dublin seemed like any other Normal day. To be honest every day feels normal in Ireland until you’ve to go into a shop, pub or restaurant or anywhere indoors. It’s at that point normal begins to dissolve like a packet of Solpadine in a glass of water. After a quick walk around Dublin being faced with the very real change of Ireland from Christianity to heathenism you’ll want to take some Solpadine yourself.

We took a tour of the national museum of archaeology after which I treated my boys to another visit to the Disney store. While they remained inside I opted to stay out in the city street for a bit and take it all in. I both love and loathe the city life.

The anonymity of it is appealing as well as the liberalism in the sense that you get to dress and walk around how you like with few batting an eyelid. While that element of it is nice (in accordance with Gods law for how we should dress not to mention other economical/convenient factors) cities have a dark side.

I won’t go into it here but it’s sufficient to say that there’s a higher rate of everything there. People tend to be more confident, disagreeable and indifferent to the plight of others. There’s lots of temptations. It’s easier to lose ones soul in a city than the countryside village setting that’s for sure.

I go into St.Stephens Green shopping centre for a bite to eat. I see people sitting down dining and I’m asked if I’m staying in or taking away. I say, “I’m dining in”. “Are you vaccinated?” She asks. “Yeah” (even though I’m not and I know shes going to ask for some green pass card). She asks for the pass card and I say I left it at home and she says “Well you can’t get in”. I said all this on purpose to test how rigid they are with these rules and it looks like Ireland has absolutely compromised to this new medical apartheid.

We go out with our sandwich and sit in Stephens Green (lovely name by the way). Without warning we get surrounded and attacked by seagulls. People are resting on benches eating their lunch in closer proximity to strangers than if they were inside dining. We wanted to laugh at the insanity of it but why should we? This is a crime being committed here upon people who simply don’t want a vaccine. It doesn’t matter that it’s scientifically safe we can have that discussion (or maybe not because the mainstream world simply won’t allow it) but the fact remains that if someone doesn’t want it they shouldn’t have to take it.

My body my choice was O.K when it came to killing an unborn human baby a few years ago but it’s not O.K when it comes to the vaccine. The upside down world of mask wearing vaccinated robots is a real nauseating one. Like every other thing because the more reasonable people are outnumbered, we will have to push through this rubbish like all the other stuff they throw at us and sit it out.

Imagine segregating people and coercing them into getting a vaccine just so they can eat, fly, work and do business. I’m not asking you to be gullible here because the Book of Revelation is not something one can interpret so easily. I see it as something that predicts not so much the future as it does a repetitive cycle throughout history and I believe that last days began right away when Jesus left us with the apostles.

Here is that quote that I find very comparable with what we are experiencing with this “medical apartheid” in 2021.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


The Jews suffered the same having to wear the star of David if they wanted to function in society. The person or group behind the mark is always the world that has no regard for the Lord. There are other times in history when people had to be identified in order to buy or sell anything. Now, take my view on it with an absolute grain of salt because the truth is, unless the Lord reveals it, try as you might with all your theories of what this passage means you’ll get it wrong every time. It’s highly symbolic in nature.

However, we shouldn’t let it stop us from offering our 2 centts. As long as we do it with caution and no real conviction we are doing O.K.

The medical apartheid needs to stop but what do you do when the entire western world is infected with it? Like I said before you can speak out against it but in the end the enemy is that strong on this one we’ve no choice but to throw the towel in and sit this one out. Eventually society will get sick of it and stop what they’re doing and then they’ll move onto some other thing that will entertain their small foolish minds for another few years.

Speak out against the injustice if you want only don’t put all your hope in that strategy because faith and good works is stronger than that. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a nice bar of chocolate and pint of Guiness either. Do you remember the man who played the Violin while the Titanic was sinking? That’s pretty much a lot of us isn’t it? hahaha. God bless

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