Alone Time In The Mountains

May be an image of grass and nature
Photo: Stephen McElligott

I don’t have too far to drive to go into the mountains and walk their dusty roads. Getting far away from the general public is important to me because to be quite frank, I find the world an irritable place to be. In fact, to be even more up front with you I absolutely hate and abhor it.

While it’s Gods creation and beauty is to be found in it, it is at the same time an absolute dump in the hands of the Devil himself. For this reason I absolutely hate the place and I hate sin most of all my sin me being the worst of the bunch.

Coming here gives me the opportunity to remove myself from that world and simply be faced with my own sinful irritable self. Therefore coming up here doesn’t get me off the hook because I still have to deal with the world within myself, however it still minimizes the noise of the world around me and helps to cleanse me a bit.

60 minute retreats like this are like a shower for the dirty soul. It might not get all the dirt off you but it will get some. All I want to do is get out of here in one piece. People see lovely mountains and lakes, cities and towns but what I see is a world on fire, a world in ruin, a world controlled by something very sinister and especially this past few weeks I’ve been struggling to see the Lord in it at all.

Yes, try as I might all I can see is the great deceiver at work dragging the world to Hell because it’s too blinded by the illusion of its culture, nationality and darkened intellect due to adoring only that which it knows, sees and assumes to be true from the moment of its birth.

Dear reader, don’t go around in a foul mood. Look at the world with love knowing God designed it, but don’t put all your hopes in it. Every now and again come to mountain, climb its peak, take a handful of rocks and rain stones down on that God forsaken place because that’s what it is. It’s a filthy rotten smelly dump that isn’t your home. It’s a battleground in which a very sinister being with a higher intelligence than you simply wages war for the soul of humanity.

Don’t pray for a long life. . . forget that. Pray you’ll die soon and with the Grace of a good confession and the last rites. Desire nothing but to leave this place. Don’t be like Lots wife who looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. That’s what happens when you run from this world. If you even so much as take a glance behind your shoulder you’ll be dragged right back into the dead by the dead where they will bury you in the spiritual grave of no return.

That’s where we are at at the moment isn’t it? Even in the mountains there is no refuge, not even for the most wicked among us. The world of sin is like a forest fire creeping up on the soul devouring everything of the Divine in its sight until there is no more. Yes, victory is coming if not already here but it will be a victory enjoyed without us unless we ourselves work out our own salvation.

Stop loving the world. . . become disillusioned with it. Ask questions. . . question everything. Become disillusioned with who you are and you know what will happen? You will begin to wonder, “Am I going crazy? Or are all of them crazy?” Don’t be afraid to let go of your little 9-5 world of pleasure. Don’t be scared of losing your sanity. It’s much better to lose this than lose your soul. Go crazy. You know when you know you’re close to the throne of the Lord and at his very feet? When everyone including the most holiest of Church clergy see you as someone who has lost their minds. Now you’re onto something.

Do you still have friends? Something is not right with you. Do you still crave the illusion of a good round of applause by the vicious worldly crowd of spiritually dead zombies? Something is not right with you. You’re not yourself when your not a crazy man. Have you ever seen those Zombie movies? One gets bitten and then another gets bitten and then they’re all infected running around the place seeing who they can infect and drag to hell with them. That’s a perfect image of the world, a perfect image of sin. In truth the very ones who view themselves as normal are crazier than they think. Fools all of them.

Go into the mountains and take your rest. Get away from the city and learned to become disillusioned with yourself, the world and even the Church members who are simply personnel with no real faith. I’m not saying don’t love yourself or others. I’m not saying be disobedient to them for even Christ respected their office.

No, I’m only inviting you to become. . . disillusioned with them. Do what they say but don’t follow their example for many of them are sleepwalking into the unknown. And when we die. . . they are so surprised to see Jesus. Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and even Catholics and Orthodox are all surprised to see him. Why Christians? Because the seed of doubt about the reality of who they worshipped lived in them watered by their darkened intellects it sprouted into an ugly tree that bore no fruit.

Listen to me, the sinner of all sinners speaking in this way, but if I don’t do it who will? Who will speak to your heart? Tell me, what is better, a sharp rebuke from a stranger who loves you or a kiss from a close so-called friend who does not have the good of your soul at heart? Please believe me when I say I’m not a holy person. I am really not saying that to sound humble. . . I’m really not Holy, but I do ask you to listen to what I’m saying. Break free at least from the ball and chain of the ordinary. Discard of it and be done with it.

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