Why Men Don’t Like Christianity

Image by Harut Movsisyan from Pixabay

In the past we spoke about why men prefer Orthodox Christianity not only to Roman Catholicism but even its Pre Vatican style ritual currently permitted under special conditions. We concluded that Catholicism is simply corny and provides no challenge to the masculine nature of men who like a good provocation. Orthodoxy’s sparkling liturgy and masculine appearance both in visuals, music and the ascetical life of fasting and standing for two hours at a Liturgy provides a man with precisely this.

Orthodoxy’s unwavering decision to stand firm in its faith and liturgy with little to no compromise to a secular culture is very alluring to the mind of a man. Men love to see stability and consistency. If both of these are absent then there will be problems. They see the Catholic churches desire to chop and change using popular culture to convert them as a sign of weakness. Compromise is a sign of weakness to man. The Catholic Church is losing men either to the secular culture or other religions ascetical in nature because they’ve buckled in compromise to the popular culture and losing their identity.

Today we will speak about why men don’t like Christianity at all in general. I will of course take from the store of my old self to explain this one having been indifferent towards religion for many years. My explanation will also be taken from the fact that I’ve spent years in a very masculine environment having grown up on one of the most toughest estates in all of Ireland. I write this post because recently I see many men of my youth sharing posts that mock religion.

Men view religion as a sign of weakness rather than strength. We are not good at opening up to others about how we are feeling and tend to bottle it in for fear of appearing weak. Christianity is all talk about the love of the other and most especially exposing ones darkness and standing in the light.

If you want to stand in the light attending the Sacrament of penance is necessary but a man finds it hard to sit and say to a priest, “I masturbated several times this week all assisted by many lustful thoughts of other women.” Yikes. That’s hard even for some women to do never mind a man whose intellect and will has been stifled by the prevailing secular culture. Many Catholic men avoid confession and their excuses for not attending are easily seen through by those of us who have already been there.

“I’d rather confess directly to God than to a priest.” “You can’t trust a priest in confession anymore because only God knows what they’ll do to you.” All of that talk is simply a cover for the fact that they’re massive cowards. Like most men they’re afraid to spill their guts out before a priest even in secret and with the priest being bound never to tell anyone under pains of automatic excommunication.

Men live in this upside down world where humility and an exposure of ones sins and faults is seen as weakness rather than a strength. When they do break free from the shackles of worldly thinking Jesus will show them that pride and egoism is not a trait that makes a man a real one. Real men stand in the light of the Lord and are Kings, priests, fathers and husbands to their families laying their lives down for their loved ones.

Religion is seen as corny and because men like to keep their feet firmly on the ground any talk about the supernatural literally makes them laugh. Deep inside, however, underneath all that laughter when they go home and close their doors at night, they do think about God.

Don’t be fooled by their mocking of Christian street preachers in the city or of Orthodox and Catholic clergy. When the day is over and the lights go out, they are contemplating all of it. They don’t tell you they’re contemplating it, why? Because they’re men, it’s in their genes.

How do we reach man? We must somehow get through the thick layer of what he was thought a man should be that covers his heart. His masculinity is natural and cannot be got rid of, rather it is the job of Grace to simply redirect that masculinity into its true form. Masculinity when it is paired with a renewed intellect and Will that is directed towards God finds its true place.

Right now, though, a mans masculinity is paired with a darkened intellect and stifled will and for this reason his masculinity gets used for evil. It’s not a case of getting rid of the masculinity but making him aware that, what he has been taught by his culture as a masculine trait is quite the opposite.

That is no easy task. Men thrive on imagery and the senses. Reaching out to men must be done in a way that doesn’t present the faith as corny. Feminine imagery in Roman Irish Catholicism and corny religious music is literally driving them away not to mention the fact the Church is run by women and clergy with old school strategies combined with feminine personalities.

A formidable uncompromising sort of priest that is balanced with grains of gentleness is attractive to men. Someone who stands and tells it like it is will always do better with men than the shy feminine type of priest who lacks the sociable skills and life experience to connect with them. I found that in my sales job men who did not challenge or fight the men at their door to argue their objections quickly had the door closed in their face.

Those of us however, who stood our ground and argued not only increased our sales but gained the respect of the man at the door. Men are extremely difficult to sell something to because they are very logical people who don’t like having the wool pulled over their eyes. They are made in the Image of the Lord, not by appearance of being or looks but by governance. For this reason they are far more logical than women. All of my sales were to women when the husband wasn’t home because they’re easily sold to and very nurturing and trusting of others.

If I had a husband and a wife together I would simply target the wife who would then influence the husband, and because he wanted to please her would compromise and give in even though the deal was horrible for both of them. You see? It’s the story of Adam and Eve all over again. Both are made in the image of God in terms of “governance” and how they govern the earth. The serpent targets Eve because she’s the more influential of the two, who then targets her husband and then we have the fall.

Men are not easy to sell to whether it be religion or selling a product. Therefore when it comes to religion they require a more intellectual approach too rather than just imagery. They will have many questions that need answered and if you can answer them, you’ll often win them that way too. If you want to convert a man you must understand the man. Understanding him will give you the upper hand in the approach providing you with the opportunity to then decide what tools you need to use to get him inside the house of the Lord where his true masculinity can be discovered and realized.

I have much more to say on this subject but I’m afraid that if I did speak anymore, I’d be here forever and bore you all to death. God bless.

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