Are Orthodox Poaching Latin Catholics?

In his video Brian makes a claim that with the new sidelining of the Latin Mass by Pope Francis (something I agree with and have discussed why in the past) many Orthodox are using this opportunity to poach themselves some Catholics.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones right? When Russia got into an argument with the Patriarch of Constantinople over Ukraine, many Catholics used this conflict as an opportunity to poach the Orthodox into their ranks.

The creation of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church by the Jesuit order in the 16th century was also a move to poach many Orthodox which to this day is what the UGCC does. This is why the Orthodox Church decided to counter this with the “western Latin rite” in a bid to make conversion to Orthodoxy easier for those of the Latin background.

The fact of the matter is that for both Churches their job is to save souls and so both of them will employ tactics that will aid them in such a quest. I have had problems with Brian’s videos in the past precisely because he seems to lack the appropriate spiritual counsel prior to coming onto YouTube and spilling his thoughts.

He’s a nice lad and I can see he’s trying to do good for the Catholic Church and has a lot of concern for those of us discerning Orthodoxy, but he needs to think before he says some things.

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