Liberals Are Closer To Christ Than They Think

Image by Brigitte makes custom works from your photos, thanks a lot from Pixabay

I grew up in a very secular liberal world which only increased when I entered the arts. The art world is a very liberal one. Liberals are extremely loving people whose moral compass just happens to be a bit out of whack. However, they tend to only be loving to those who share their view on social doctrines, at least in general. It’s rare you’ll get a liberal person who shares your love for Christianity or even befriend you. And I speak as someone with experience because all my liberal friends are gone now and I’ve not conversed with them in over a decade. Many pass me in the street and don’t even say hello.

That said their hairstyles and the way they dress really makes an impact upon a world that has a general sense of what normal should look like. They purposefully make themselves distinct in image from the world and even in philosophy because it’s in their human nature to rebel. They attract a lot of a attention and often cannot find work because of the way in which they dress. For this reason they often have to form groups and societies in which they take care of one another.

I prefer their company over fellow Christians because while in their presence I feel the presence of Christ more and I can’t really explain why. They believe in abortion are pro lgbt laws and just about every other popular social doctrine you can imagine. Their unique style of hair and clothes tells me they’re closer to the truth than they think. Although their rebellion is outward rather than inward it’s something that inspires me.

They couldn’t give an absolute monkeys what the world thinks with regards to how they dress or style their hair. They also demonstrate to us Christians the importance of rebellion against the system. Even though we are miles apart on what exactly constitutes a proper rebellion, their outward appearance exemplifies their craving for the God of rebellion and the one that calls us to chant, “Death to the world”.

Because they are made in the image of God liberals can’t help but demonstrate this through how they dress and behave. But because the Lord respects their free will to choose or reject Him they end up becoming a part of the system deluding themselves into thinking they’re distinct from and rebelling against it. Many Saints behaved like liberals. They cut off their hair and done lots of outrageous things that although today would not appear crazy back in their day it was viewed as a mental illness.

It’s like St.Paul said in scripture to the Greek pagans, “This God with no name that you worship? I know Him”. Through their rebellious haircuts and dress code liberals provide us an example as to how they worship the Lord, but it is a Lord with no name. My aim with this post is to show them that the God they worship without knowing it, well, I know Him and that He invites them daily to partake in the true rebellion against an empire of darkness. The God with no name that they worship is Jesus.

Christians are also called to be like the liberals and be outrageous not just with regard to the inward rebellion against the world but the outer also. It’s good practice to be distinct in appearance and draw attention to oneself simply for reasons to practice humility. It’s good practice being insulted by those who have an image of what normal looks like. Liberals are non conformists and Christians need to learn how to become similar. In their non conforming attitudes and fashions liberals happen to practice what they preach. But us? Very few of us go out and practice non conformity both inwardly and outwardly.

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