The Strange Obsession With Changing Our Appearance To Look Younger

Image by Leroy Skalstad from Pixabay

The only reason I can see why someone would dye their hair to look young is to make evangelization of the youth easier in a bid to connect with them. That’s the extreme to which I would give the nod to it. To change ones appearance simply because you want to conform to societies desire to be loved and appreciated by others? I couldn’t disagree more. Yet another reason people do it is to make themselves “feel” better.

The truth is these good feelings are short lived and transient. It’s never long before you’re feeling depressed again proving that by changing your appearance to feel better is like filling a hoover bag with a hole in it. The fact that these joys are not long lasting is all the more proof they’re counterfeit and not the real thing.

True joy can only be found in humility brought about by repentance. What is repentance? It is when you no longer shed tears for yourself but for Jesus Christ on the Cross and what he suffers and goes through daily because of your sins and that of the worlds. There are two types of tears, one that leads to suicide and self condemnation and then there are the Divine tears that cleanse the soul from all stain of impurities.

When this takes place there will be a gradual ascent inside of you to seeing everything the world holds in high regard as nothing but rubbish. Even when you try to become a part of the world again making the attempt to go back like a dog and lick the vomit of the worlds counterfeit joys, you will not be able to stay there long.

Christ will constantly call you back to Himself because you KNOW the truth. . . yeah, you know it. . . and for this reason slipping back into old ways is much harder than the type of seed that falls into either the thorns or upon the rocks.

These types of Christians (seeds) when they taste Christ, they easily fall away because sincere repentance has not taken place and so they’re tossed around by the devil like ragdolls being pulled this way and that. If these Christians who fall upon the rocks or get surrounded by thorns happen to get blown by the wind of the Holy Spirit into good soil, they will then yield their hundredfold. But that is rare for all of us. . . so rare but not beyond our reach so be ambitious for it.

Stop trying to imitate the world and don’t be a slave to its conditions on what it means to be happy. You don’t need to look young to be happy. What you need is humility. Go ahead and shave your head, give yourself a mohawk or something on purpose and go out and rebel against them and purposefully look to get insults thrown at you and for all the right reasons. It’s good practice.

Take that lovely long hair and chop it off. Take off that make-up and go out and be a rebel and show the world beauty and happiness is not found in imagery anymore than humility is. Why can’t you do it? Because you CARE what people think don’t you? Come on!!! Don’t be a slave to the world, ask the Lord to free your heart from this and then you will find true joy.

Accept your grey hair and stop being so concerned about the body all the time. In fact, we should look forward to leaving the body altogether. The flesh is nothing but an absolute hindrance. Look at that beautiful woman on T.V and then see what is really behind all that beauty when she dies? Nothing but skull and bones like the rest of us ewwwwwwwwww. Yeah, as they say in Orthodoxy. . . . DEATH TO THE WORLD. let that be your new chant this week. . . DEATH. . . TO. . . THE. . . WORLD. . .

Death to what world? Well I certainly don’t mean the people. I mean to say the world inside you and the one dragging you to Hell with its stupid worldly doctrines that stifle the joy inside of you with its illusory doctrines. Throw that stupid hair dye in the bin and get yourself some common sense for crying out loud. Unless you’re doing it for some Godly reason what is the point, really? Take all those beauty magazines and use them to light the fire because that’s all they’re good for.

What is a really good prayer for repentance? It is this,

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have Mercy On Me The Sinner”.

Being Young and looking young are two different things altogether. The former is of Divine origin the latter that of the world. If you want to look young in the eyes of the Lord then repent. If you want to live a long life then get rid of the greys in your soul and become like a child. Forget about the greys on your head it means nothing.

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