Video: How To Expel Thoughts By St.Gregory Of Sinai

O.K so I’m freaked out a little. I made this video where I read St.Gregory of Sinai (an Orthodox mystic of the 13th century) to you. I did so alongside Bulgarian chants of the Orthodox Church playing in the background for some ambience. Then I decide to actually research him so I can explain to you who he is and discover he’s….Bulgarian 😱

How it all unfolded is I began to in random fashion pick out a YouTube Video of Orthodox chant to relax and listen to. I picked the one you hear in my video. Then I witness someone liking my Philokalia facebook page and I’ve noticed it’s been years since I’ve posted on it. Looking at my desk of books I see my four volumes of the Philokalia sitting there. I ask my wife to pick one at random and give it to me because I plan on posting it to the page.

Then I thought to myself, “I can’t be bothered writing all this, I’ll do a video and read it instead. It will sound cool and spiritual with the Bulgarian chant in the background. I make the video after which I upload it. I go to upload it to my personal page and decide I need to research who he was so that my friends will have a full knowledge of the person they’re listening to as well as myself. I do it only to learn that he is Bulgarian. The hairs stood on the back of my neck haha!.

“Gregory of Sinai, also called Gregory Sinaites, (born 13th century—died November 27, 1346, Mt. Paroria, near modern Burgas, Bulgaria), Greek Orthodox monk, theologian, and mystic, the most prominent medieval advocate of Hesychasm, a Byzantine form of contemplative prayer directed toward ecstatic mystical experience.”

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