A Testimony To The Power Of Christs Presence

How Often Should We Take Holy Communion? | A Russian Orthodox Church Website

Last night I suffered from such a bad migraine that I went to bed sooner than would be usual for me. I took 500mg of Naprosyn which is a very strong anti-inflammatory. I always hope to go to sleep fast because with a migraine they say sleep helps.

When I woke up I didn’t feel much until I got to the car and began traveling the hour to my Greek Orthodox parish Church. On the way instead of it being on the left side of the head, it was this time on the right side. By the time I arrived at the Church my oil light had come on and so decided to fill the oil. My wife and youngest son went inside the Church while my eldest stayed behind to help.

I could feel the nausea hitting me bad now and was wondering if I would last the few hours a Greek Orthodox liturgy takes. I went inside and an Irishman invited me to go up front which I did. Standing at the bench I tried to ignore it all. Then the priest emerged from the side door of the icon screen with the Holy Gifts in his hands (that is the Body and Blood of Christ in the chalice).

He (the priest) stopped for a moment, closed his eyes and really savored the moment. I had never seen such reverence in a priest before holding the Eucharist. When he had finished doing this he entered into the Church to do the procession passing me first followed by a trail of incense the altar server was carrying. After this had taken place I noticed my migraine and all of my nausea had disappeared.

I was in such good spirits that I stayed until 3pm listening to the priest talk theology and I ate some of their food. When I left the priest came running out to my car because I had forgotten to take his instructions on the theology of baptism and Chrismation home with me. Having handed these to me and thanking me again for choosing his Church, we departed for home.

On the way I blasted the foo fighters rock music from the car that’s how well I was doing. Everyone was surprised at this new Stephen. However, after six or 8 hours as I write this I’m beginning to feel it again. Is it a spiritual attack? I don’t know, but it sure is an absolute nuisance. I’ve never had migraines until Christmas of last year and now that I know how they feel or operate I wouldn’t wish them upon anybody.

However, I offer them up now for the unity of the Churches, that we all join hands in one Orthodox faith. I pray for a Church that will once again take the ancient path, which is to say the path of simplicity, love, humility and unity the way it was before the great schism. We are better united for evil thrives because of schisms and heresy.

Yes, all this disunity would give you a headache, wouldn’t it? 😉

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