The Fruits Of Judas Iscariot

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It’s a bit of a daring and even somewhat misleading title isn’t it? How could Judas have any fruit at all? And yet, through his betrayal the Lords Will had been accomplished the fruit of which is visible in all of Christendom today.

Judas had been a complicated man. In the beginning he really sided with Jesus. Everything Jesus did and taught he agreed with fully but over time, when he realized that Jesus did not align perfectly with his image of him, he set out to betray him. And in the midst of this betrayal Judas really thought it over that he did Jesus a great and Holy service.

Yes, inside his head he thought he’d be doing Jesus, the temple and all the people of God a wonderful service. And even though the betrayal is most painful for Christ and all his followers it would prove to be most fruitful as the Crucifixion is testimony to.

We all have the spirit of Judas in our lives. They lurk around waiting for us to say something they disagree with so they can pounce on it. They lurk in the shadows of the virtual streets of social media waiting for that moment when you may trip yourself up or say something your local Bishop may find outrageous. Then they rush to the authorities thinking in their heads, “This will be good for him, the Church and all of us.” What follows from the betrayal is something very painful but also fruitful.

It may be a case where this person is your closest friend. Like with Christ he sits close at your table eating the same bread you eat and you’re never any the wiser. Christ had the advantage to know who he is but we don’t so it requires more work on our behalf unless the Lord grants us the rare opportunity to know who it is. Then there is the Judas who is the stranger. He knows you, but you don’t know him. There are so many type of Judas Iscariots out there, eh?

No matter what kind of betrayal you’ve endured, instead of focusing on the pain the betrayal brought you, make sure to focus on the fruit also. I can’t tell you what that fruit it is because I’m unsure of the type of betrayal you’ve endured. For this reason I invite you to meditate upon the good that has come out of a disappointing encounter with the spirit of Judas in your life. If the betrayal was recent and the wound from it still fresh, have patience and eventually you will see the good that has come from this dagger in the back.

God bless

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