Grounded On The Sands Of My Worldly Thoughts

Image by phoenixsierra0 from Pixabay

Too much of anything is never good for you and the same can be said of religion. Even though it fills our entire lives it is nevertheless sometimes important to take a breather. I study theology too much. When at home I’m confronted with too much religion and spirituality to the point where I must say enough is enough.

I decide to take a walk along the beach where I live. I spot a fishing boat in the distance grounded on sand and awaiting the tide coming in. The boat is in the right place, but it has no function or use because it lacks the water that will confer some sense upon its existence.

Our souls are like this. Here we are in the Church. We are in the right place, but grounded on the sand of our worldly thoughts we never go beyond the spot in which we inhabit. Whether or not we know it our souls await the life giving water of Gods grace to uplift us. And as long as we remain in the right place it will come.

It is only then, when we are floating in Gods Grace do our lives make any sense. Only in the abode of Gods vast ocean of love do we function the way we were supposed to prior to the fall. And like the tide, Gods Grace comes in, and we enjoy him for a while, and then he leaves again that we might recognize our weakness and uselessness without Him. Even here at the beach I cannot escape the thought of God.

Now I move upwards and sit on the wall and the most unusual thing happens. A car behind me has its windows open and is playing a Christian Hymn on full blast. All I hear is “Hallelujah” over and over again. There’s a party of young people beside me and they begin singing along with the hymn. I then lower my head and internally smile at Gods sense of humour. I can hear him say, “Everywhere you go. . . I go too.”

It’s exactly as St.Patrick said isn’t it? “Christ all around me”.

Have a blessed afternoon.

Image by Rene Wandel from Pixabay

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