Three Pieces Of Christian Music You Need To Hear

Ah, music. . . it’s so important to uplift the soul to the Lord. Contrary to popular belief among the small amount of people who know me, I don’t reject Christian music written on guitar. It won’t be my first choice when given a choice but I recognize that people worship the Lord in different ways, ways that I find really irritable but must respect it.

I am only against guitar music at the Divine Liturgy. I can’t stand it and that’s coming from someone who has written music his entire life and was a rock’n’rolling little heathen. I know good music when I hear it even if it’s Christian and to be honest most of the stuff circulating around Ireland makes my skull want to collapse it’s so corny.

Here are my pieces of music I like to visit when wanting to relax or jump in praise of the Lord. Enjoy.

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