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Tomorrow I’ll be quite literally following my dream to visit Limerick City once again to find the graves of my ancestors. I remained a little bit skeptical as to how this one would be identical to that of my great grandmothers until this evening when I googled and google mapped old graveyards in the area. But before I get into that for newcomers to the blog here’s a short synopsis of what happened me last Christmas.

I had a dream on Christmas Eve (or thereabouts) where I had approached a graveyard looking for the grave of my great grandmother. Before the dream I’d researched her grave and it gave me this one with a plot number but I couldn’t understand all this altitude 224 or whatever it was. I thought, “How will I ever find it?”

Although I’ve heard of the name of the graveyard, “mount saint Lawrence” and had researched her plot inside, I’d never actually had a visual of it before and that’s the scary bit which now follows. In the dream I approach a side entrance with a long stone wall heading down the street into the distance.

In the distance over some houses the spire of St.Johns Roman Catholic Church can be seen. I recognized it as such in the dream because when visiting the city with my Father in September of last year, we’d visited it but not the graveyard because at that point I’d no idea where she was buried.

I go inside then walk outside again very quickly to check the sign on the wall which says, “mount saint Lawrence”. I did this in the dream to reassure myself I’m in the right spot. Inside the graveyard it was all overgrown and many old graves. I remember feeling overwhelmed not knowing where the grave was.

I woke up just thinking, “I feel like she’s calling me down to visit and for a prayer.” “I recall saying, ‘I can’t call down now Annie, it’s Christmas. If I go down Christmas Eve or Day everyone will think I’ve lost my mind.” Those were not my exact words but very similar if my memory serves me right. I decided to put off the visit all the way to June when I took the children down for a trip in the warm weather.

I park the car up and get out. That’s when I saw that everything was identical to the dream except for the headstone (there was a white headstone presented to me in the dream as Annie’s grave but the real one was not.) but I’ll get to that in a minute.

It was a side narrow entrance onto a street, with a long wall that ran down with the spire of the Cathedral of John in the distance. It was the EXACT same the only difference being that in the dream it was mirrored. For example in the dream the wall was on my right and the spire on the left and in reality the wall was on my left and the cathedral on the right.

The sign that said “Mount saint Lawrence” by the side entrance in the dream was an old Irish sign often in use today in parts of the country. Instead it was a modern oval shaped one with modern writing on it. My guess is that the old Irish one I saw was the original but had recently been removed.

Then I go inside the graveyard and just like the dream everything is overgrown and the men were using their trimming machines to cut the overgrown grass. I found the tombstone of my great-grandmother because passing I saw a picture of a man on the front who looked exactly like my Dad. It was my grandfathers brother James.

Now, I’ve always wondered about the whereabouts of my great grandfather (her first husband) and his fathers whereabouts. But I had resolved at giving up. You see, back in the day only people who were wealthy had headstones while the rest of us had to settle for perishable markers that deteriorated over time and then disappeared.

Now. . . in the past few weeks I’ve had a new dream. In this dream I’m in a vast graveyard and there’s hills in the distance. The sun is setting and the clouds are turning a nice orange/pink color they do and there’s a sense of urgency as I wander with my wife around this graveyard. It’s quite an old one with many old tombs many of which are no longer legible.

I feel under my feet a sort of “mound” with no tomb. There’s no marker here and so I shout to my wife, “This is it.” She shouts back, “Are you sure?” I respond with happiness and excitement, “Yeah, there’s no marker here, it must be them.” Then I see in the distance, up against a wall a large tombstone with two Anchors and ropes artfully carved into it. Because of the passage of time, the writing is no longer legible on it but I recognize it as their graves. . . why? Because they were fishermen.

I wake up and my wife comes down stairs and gets a fright. There I am sitting in the blue twilight of the kitchen. When it comes to rising out of ones bed, I’ve beaten the Sun to it on this occasion and she says, “What are you doing up so early?” I explain to her the dream. I tell her I know it sounds crazy but because of the other dream I’ve had that came true, I need to follow this one as well.

I’ve been waiting on my moment to go down and have decided on tomorrow. Prior to booking the hotel I came online searching for old graveyards in Limerick. Yes, I’m doubting myself and don’t want to waste all that money now on some flimsy little dream I’ve had. I decide to revisit an old post I placed in the Limerick facebook group before Christmas asking about graveyards. I see this mans comments naming them all.

I can’t hold my curiosity any longer and so google map them. Using the 3D tool on google maps I take a virtual tour of each one until I come to St.Patricks graveyard. It’s a stones throw from the mount Saint Lawrence one. And if you have not already guessed it yet then, yes, it’s the exact same as my dream. It’s a load of old graves surround by a square shaped wall and there’s hills the distance just like the dream.

Google maps only gives me a glimpse from the outside. I must go down there and go in if I want to really explore it. My heart is racing. Although my expectations of finding a gravestone with anchors on it are extremely slim (my dream of my great grandmother headstone was not identical to reality the only thing about the dream that was not identical) I’ve no doubt this graveyard “is the one” they’re buried in. If they’re not buried with any imperishable marker I will take it on faith they’re buried somewhere in it.

Stay tuned over the next few days because this will be extremely interesting. Alcohol has not passed me lips since 2018 but I mean it, if I find a gravestone with two anchors on it I’m going straight to the bar and ordering the oldest, strongest little short of whiskey they have. Hup ya boya!!!


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