Photos: Two Graveyard Dreams Come True

In my most recent blog post “tomorrow I will follow my dreams” I explained the nature of dreams I’ve had prior to visiting these locations that came true. Newcomers to the blog should refer to it prior to reading this post because it will make more sense. In this post I share photos from the first dream I had Christmas Eve the location of which I did not visit until June of this year. These photos I took over the weekend to make it more real for you the reader.

In the first dream I described the side entrance, the signage and the old grey wall leading into the distance with the spire in it. The only difference from dream to reality is that in reality as you can see the wall is on the left as is the spire in the distance which has an ugly red brick building covering some of it.

In the dream everything is mirrored. This means the wall is on the right and the spire in the distance on the left. The difference is that in my dream the modern redbrick building was not in it with more of the spire being visible. I was shown a more older image of it in my dream is what I conclude.

The sign as you can see is in the right place but it’s a modern one. In the dream it was an old Irish sign we are used to seeing on street corners that is drilled into the wall. I’m taking a guess here but it could be that the old sign was worn out, removed and this modern one recently put in its place.

Later on when I get some time, I will post the photos of the second dream I had prior to seeing the physical location so stay tuned if you’re interested.

I’m not claiming to be anything special, and why it has occurred to me and nobody else I’ve no idea because I’m not a holy person at all, but I can’t help but share it with you. It is my hope you sharing in my joy will inspire you to visit your ancestors and pray for them.

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