Why Some People Have No Enthusiasm When It Comes To Tracing Their Ancestors

May be an image of 1 person, book and text that says "TRACING YOUR IRISH ANCESTORS 5TH 5THEDITION EDITION John Grenham has written multi-purpose book which can be used by the absolute beginner, the keen amateur and the more experienced genealogist.' The Irish Times JOHN GRENHAM"

I recently bought this book while down in Limerick. I sat back in my chair this evening and wondered why it is some people have no interest in genealogy. I got lucky as during the lockdown I’d nothing better to do. I had all the time in the world to research my ancestors. Not everyone has that free time to spare and I must admit it’s extremely tiring and exhaustive work. I did it without anyone’s help and relied mostly on my own intelligence and that of a few online resources provided to me by a local parish priest.

It was quite messy in the beginning for me and I had to come up with a system that eventually worked for me and I managed to get as far back and 1756 over just 3 months. That 3 months by the way was everyday 9-5pm and more where I literally did not even eat food so consumed I had become by the whole affair of research. It’s in my personality that once I see a project that needs to get finished I must finish it as soon as possible. I’m like a fizzy bottle of lemonade that when shaken becomes explosive with enthusiasm about getting the job done. My reasons for doing this were mostly curiosity in the beginning that developed into a mission to save souls that have departed this life. I began to connect certain dots and saw it as a calling from my ancestors on the other side of the grave to seek them out, pray for them and have a Liturgy said for them all. I did just that and went all the way back to the 12th century.

There are others who do not share my enthusiasm especially my family. Why? I don’t know why people are like this but we can speculate some reasons as to the reluctance in some to begin the search.

Time: Some people have no time. They’re so busy with work and family that there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get time enough to begin the search. There are some who get enough time to look at one or two ancestors from the 1920s and then they stop there.

Not enough confidence in their intelligence or ability to grasp the work in front of them. Yes, some people humbly admit they don’t possess the smarts combined with the time and enthusiasm required for such an arduous task of sifting through online records. But if you want my opinion I had no clue either, but once I’d developed my system for going back generations it was so simple. But some people can’t get past the first big wave of their own lack of confidence. It’s too hard a concept to grasp and they crawl back unwillingly into their own shell, get on with life and forget about it.

It’s of no benefit to them. tracing ones ancestors for people who lack religion or are atheist is often of no benefit to them. If it is of benefit to them it’s usually in the form of finding that long lost Will of a great grandfather who has left them a castle or simply to develop rapport with family and friends to impress them with their research. Other benefits may include a boost in the joy of making a discovery. Other than this most people who enjoy it like myself really believe in the afterlife. They may not possess a religion but still hold out hope there’s another world out there and our ancestors are in it. They believe that they’re connecting in some spiritual way with their ancestors which I firmly believe I am doing.

then there are people who have the time. They have the money. They’re very religious and smart with lots of confidence and the intelligence to get the job done, but they still lack the enthusiasm required for the onerous task of research. What about them? I guess the Lord, all of heaven and most especially suffering souls of their departed ancestors will wait for when they’re ready to research them and most especially pray for them.

Souls don’t approach you to say hello, they’re doing it to get your prayers because they’re suffering. And they’ll often approach one individual because he/she prays more and so they’re more likely to get prayers from them. They also approach you through that other family member who does the research to try and speak to you and let you know that, hey….this whole Christian thing and the other world is real….have a change of heart and don’t come here or worse. . . end up in hell due to the negligence of your soul.

Come now, listen to us who have approached you in this special way and come back to your faith. Don’t allow your last visit to a Church to be in a coffin. Come now while you’ve got time otherwise you will be like us, on the other side of the fence suffering in hades going around trying to send subliminal messages to your living relatives looking for prayer. You’ll have to deal with the frustration of seeing them ignoring all the signs because like you, they are irreligious and too spiritually sick and blind to see the signs you’re sending them. Ouch. How frustrating. Change now. Repent and have a spiritual revolution of the mind. Swallow the red pill and open your eyes to the illusion of this world and the truth of the next. Leave behind a new legacy of children brought up in the faith who will pray for your soul when you’re gone.

Because when you’re gone, and have left behind a legacy of children who don’t believe, they can’t pray for you and it will be all your own undoing. Ask any celebrity who has died and have bronze statues erected in their honor in the town square what they think of that and they will be ashamed. Why? Because bronze statues of them and people who pay tribute on TV don’t get them out of purgatory, prayers do. On earth we see such legacies they leave behind as good, but from the other world they see such legacies as absolutely worthless and useless because nobody prays for them.

You know what it’s like for a departed soul looking for prayer? It’s like a Junkie who is looking for his next hit of the Heroin drug. Yes, his whole mind is bent on that drug he doesn’t care who gives it to him only that they give it to him. Same with souls. They don’t care who prays for them they will simply look for the person who can get them to heaven quicker than all the rest. Is that what you want to be? A spiritual junkie looking for his next hit of prayer from the other world and having to deal with the refusal and ignorance of the living who don’t see him because they’re so busy with their own lives?

I could go on and on. But please. . . research your ancestors. Get to know them because they can pray for you and do great things for you in your life. But how can they if you don’t get to know them? Scratch their backs and they’ll scratch yours. 😉

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