The First Ever Complaint Letter Posted In 1750BC

The first complaint “letter” (made from clay) was sent in 1750 BC in Mesopotamia from a man named Nanni to a merchant named Ea-nasir. Nanni was mad that he received the incorrect grade of copper that he had already paid for and that the merchant was rude to his servant when confronted.

This is proof that human beings never change. We were writing google reviews back then and nothing has changed in 2021. Haha!!! Imagine being so angry at someone you were willing to take the time to chisel it all into a rock and send it to him? This guy must’ve really wanted to let this merchant have a piece of his mind.

Edit and update from a friend on social media who advised me: “You didn’t have to chisel it. The process is easier than you think. They would write it when the clay is still soft. Check some videos online. I saw the process live in Iraq during a trip to a Sumerian city.”

Still a laborious task all the same, right? Thanks for that new information.

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