I Will Never Abide By The Worlds Rules If They’re Stupid

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Yesterday I had been at college where we were split into groups of 4. We were asked to discuss the nature of the community that we live in. Is it inward or outward looking and if so why and how? You’re asked to choose only one.

Unfortunately for me I have to give both answers don’t I? I can’t just give one answer even though that’s all they want out of me. This makes me a difficult person to be around if you’re not the type who can put up with the attitude of a person unwilling to let go of what he thinks because of your rank in life.

I answered that my community is one of the wealthiest villages in all of Ireland even though I live in its poorer margins. It is inward looking in the sense that there is a hierarchy of clannish individuals that tend to look after their own kind. If you’re looking for work or anything of the sort and happen to be a blow in (not from around here), although not impossible there’s a tendency for this hierarchy to choose the sons and daughters of local families they’re familiar with.

It is also outward looking in the sense that it is welcoming to people as long as you abide by the hierarchy of those in control. Step out of line and you can find yourself on the bread line and marginalized very quickly. They like to come up with innovative ideas to generate revenue and are very open minded in that regard because money is very important to them. If you’re a young up and coming profession (yuppie) with a bit of cash on the hip you can expect that outward looking attitude to maximize itself very quickly.

People say to me, “How can you give both answers? Why not give the one and be done with that?” Because you can’t compartmentalize the truth because someone has asked you to. Not doing that at the risk of losing the respect of the person asking you for not abiding by their made up rules is cowardly. Why deny your honest opinion to suit others even if it means you be on food vouchers for the rest of your life? It makes no sense to me.

However, when asked questions like this it’s impossible for me to simply choose that it’s only inward looking or outward looking. The reason for this is because it’s in my nature to strike the balance in all things where possible. I always invite people to be as objective as they possibly can in life and not allow the risk of being ridiculed by others for not doing so get in the way.

I don’t like rules. Sure, I abide by Gods rules and that of the Church. However, when it comes to the rules the world sets up that abandon Gods and all common sense? I’m like a soldier with only one gun facing an enemy of 10,000 on the street. They’re urging me to simply sacrifice the love of God and country to live in their false Utopia otherwise they’ll kill me. Nope! It’s not going to happen and I’m going out guns blazing.

I’d much rather die in a pool of honorable blood than throw my soul away for a glass of champagne with the secular world to enjoy their favour. I really would. Even before becoming Christian I had been like this and Christianity only served to act as an even greater outlet for such behaviour.

I had been marginalized and pushed aside for being a nuisance for all the wrong reasons. Now I’m Christian I get to do that for all the right reasons and be in with a chance of winning a seat in an eternal mansion of bliss beside Jesus, the ultimate rebel of them all. Yes please!!! I’ll take it.

Speak your mind. Ignore the extremes and look at the world through the eyes of Christ and His Church. Abide by the rules that liberate your soul not the ones that give you the illusion of freedom. I’m not the only one who thinks in this way. I forget what homily it is. I think it is was actually a letter to a widow where John Chrysostom comments on such rules of the world. He says the government make such stupid laws they expect us all to abide by. That was the year 387A.D. It’s now 2021 and has any of it changed? Ha! The answer to that is a resounding NO!.

That’s the wealthy ivory leftists in a nutshell. It’s a bunch of intelligently stupid people on 60-100k a year who make up rules to suit their intellectual palates that change direction quicker than the Irish weather. Then they impose those rules on the general public using what is known as the golden carrot. This carrot they put out on a stick and say, “If you abide by my rules I’ll throw more freebies at you all at the expense of the middle class tax payer.” It’s the spirit of the anti-Christ. If you take my little vaccine I’ll let you fly wherever you like and do business as usual. It’s all there in the Book of Revelation.

Don’t listen to people who tell you to abide by their rules. Strike the balance, be objective and speak your mind. As long as the end is the glory of God and is righteous, why not? You’ll be cast aside in this short-lived world but at least you’ll be welcomed in the next. I don’t care any more. In fact, the older I become the more rebellious and desirous to be crucified I become. And you don’t need a YouTube channel with 100k subscribers to do this. You can do it right now and make a small difference in your local community. Instead of giving them the middle finger I now show them the Cross.

Do the same. Speak your mind and don’t become a puppet afraid to engage in the conflict. Think of the man who had to fight for his country. My grandfather said when in the second world war a man wouldn’t fight and had an objection to the war. There were many of them, but once they killed their first man, they began to like it and killing became no problem to them. That’s how evil works but also good.

Once you defy one person and shamelessly admit you’re Christian engaging in conflict, you’ll puke and feel horrible. But if you keep at it, you’ll become a professional at it. Yes, once you start rebelling against this world and get the taste for it there’s no going back and you’ll become a warrior, a fighter. And even though the enemy will have cast you out to live among the caves and the rocks of poverty, they will respect you for it. They will respect you even more when they die and you’re robed in glory and they’re keeping Hell well lit due to the flame of their soul that is on fiery display for all eternity.

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