What Does It Mean To Take The “Ancient Path?”

Photo By Stephen McElligott

This is what the LORD says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.

Jeremiah 6:16

Many Christians often quote this verse to justify their position that we should return to the old way of doing things. In Catholicism it is used to justify going pre-Vatican II and those who disagreed with Vatican I council used it to justify scrapping that council also. Every council even pre-schism had opposition from someone who wants to literally go back in time and be roommates with St.Paul and the apostles in the 1st century.

Catholicism feels it needs to respond to every modern crisis by holding a council. On the other hand Orthodoxy doesn’t feel the need to hold a council as the teaching of the Church is clear and all one needs to do is address the Crisis. It’s like Catholicism looks at the Church of England shaking its head in disappointment saying, “Stop changing to suit the modern culture, it’s not working and your churches are empty.” Orthodoxy is looking at both Catholicism and the Church of England thinking the exact same thing.

The word ancient is used for Orthodox Christians who want to describe the roots of their faith. However, the Orthodox Liturgy is more modern than the modern, more ancient than the ancient. It is ever present and timeless and never gets old. This is why it doesn’t need “updated” to be hip with the popular culture. That’s the attractive thing about Orthodoxy is that its Liturgy maintains a large following regardless of what age it’s in. Go to Divine Liturgy in the Greek City of Athens and the same amount of people if not more are in attendance than the Catholic Churches.

The Catholic Church in true Jesuit style are desperately trying to respond by rubbing wine into the carpet. How are they doing this? By using the popular culture of evolution and climate change. They’re trying to meet the popular culture half way which is how the Church of England began. It looks so desperate and like a deer who gets wind of an inexperienced hunter the people scatter and the Churches empty even further.

The popular culture are not stupid. They see the desperate attempts at trying to convert them through using secular love quotes and pretending to care about the environment and changing interpretation of scripture to suit their modern outlook on evolution and the story of Adam and Eve.

To the right minded person who understands the spiritual Orthodoxy appears modern, but for the person who sees it all as nonsense can only view it as ancient and irrelevant. These small minded and narrow minded people assume themselves to be “ever present and up to date”. However, because St.Paul and John Chrysostom routed them out in the earliest of centuries in their writings, these small minded people are more ancient than they think.

In truth, every culture views itself as modern and up to date. Yeah, these so called “modern” people have been with us for as long as the earth has been around. From the tower of Babbel to the Towers of modern cities, they are always trying to reach the heavens and proclaim themselves modern.

However, like a father chuckles watching his 5 year old son talk about how he’s going to runaway from home and live his life, the Lord laughs at all their plans. In their heads they think themselves to be “adults” when in reality they’re five year old’s who think they’ve got a grasp on life through the fickle scientific mind that measures only what is visible to them. Therefore you who read this and tell me you’re “modern” the Lord laughs all the while shedding tears at the thought of losing you to your own ignorance and stupidity.

What does it mean to walk the ancient path? It means to return to the path of Love, unity and peace. Right now we walk the modern path of anger, hate and division both in the secular world and the Christian one where all the Christian churches are divided.

As it stands the world that assumes itself to be modern sits in the throne of God and declares itself ruler of mankind and the Universe. It’s like the little child who wears his fathers hat and shoes pretending to shout orders. We all laugh at the child’s newfound acting abilities as he prepares to assume the authority of his father and the child also laughs.

However, the child acknowledges he’s only acting and has more sense than this generation who are not acting and truly taking center stage in this big Pantomime they’ve prepared for themselves. In this Pantomime they’re singing and living out the illusion that their fairytale of atheism is real. They dare to call religion a fairy tale and yet look at them? “there’s no life after death.” Ha! Nice bedtime story for those who want to feel secure in their sins.

Yes, take the ancient path, because in truth going back and dismantling the illusion of our modern world is the only way to move forward and build a more modern future. If we want to be modern sometimes we need to choose the ancient path and find the ingredient that makes us modern, ever present and timeless.

We find that ancient path by jumping into the Heart of Christ and dancing to the modern beat of His Love. In doing this all Churches will be one when they’re living as they did before the great schism. It was a time where the Church was Orthodox, Catholic and all the Bishops were united together with one big beating heart. That’s the ancient path that will bring us up to date.

God bless.

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