Coldplay’s Chris Martin Complains About His Religious Upbringing

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Copyright bang showbiz Chris Martin

I can’t deny there are some strange Christian evangelical cults out there that really ruin a persons childhood. However, Chris Martins recent spilling of his first world problems with regards to not being able to play “paint it black” by the Rolling stones because it was considered “evil” is so nauseating.

He says all this while sitting on his millions, frequenting 5 star hotels and accessing the best of medical healthcare. Meanwhile in Yemen and the Gaza strip young children are dying and finding it hard to cope with the thought of not seeing it to the end of the day.

On another note, have you not noticed how the mainstream media never interview anyone about the horrible atheist/irreligious upbringing they’ve had? You know, that story where the young drug and alcohol addict suddenly converts and all his friends leave him, the entire town won’t give him work because of his newfound conservatism and his relatives try to lock him away in a mental home?

There’s a headline you’re never going to read. No! It’s always, “My parents were so religious but now I’m free. I can be me and finally play Paint it black by the rolling stones.” It would make you wanna puke wouldn’t it? But that’s the so-called inclusivity of modern media for you. If you’re an oppressed homosexual, black person, Muslim immigrant or were religiously held in a closet against your will by a Christian cult, they want to hear from you.

But if you’ve grown up in an irreligious, atheist or agnostic family where they verbally and physically abused you for being religious you’ll get nothing but the cold shoulder. I’ve no doubt people do grow up in these insane Christian cults but the imbalance in the way the media report stuff is so obvious. It’s easier to stick the boot into Christianity in the west, the very religion that brought democracy to Europe not to mention the school system and give all other “exotic” religions like Hinduism/Buddhism a free ride.

Chris do us all a favour and stop shouting from your palace window about your problems. The world is full of them. In your charitable work you yourself have been witness to them so it absolutely baffles me as to why you’d bother raising your own. Some problems like these are better kept behind closed doors if you ask me. If you had said “They made me swallow pages from the Bible and locked me in a dark room with no sunlight for hours on end” you’d have my sympathy. But not being able to play Paint it black by the rolling stones keeps you up at night? OH GO AWAY, PLEASE.

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