Why We Get Upset When Insulted And How To Stop Getting Angry

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

There are two reasons for this. The theological explanation lies in the answer that our souls lack the steadiness of Christs presence. It’s a telltale sign that there’s a need for “repentance” which means to do a 180 degrees turn and change our way of viewing the world.

The second answer is because we have been trained by our culture and the world that being insulted means you’re meant to react a certain way. In some countries thumbs up means “good job” while in others it means “Up yours” or “You’ve a small penis”.

Why the difference in perception? Because some cultures are trained to view the same thing different ways. This is how we gain a better understanding of why we get upset and we simply need to unlearn what we’ve learned. At the very least acknowledging that we’ve been trained to view the world a certain way is enough to get us on the road to recovery.

Understanding this alone won’t stop you from getting angry after being insulted. It really does take the Grace of Christ through use of the Sacraments and of prayer to assist you in this endeavor.

Your brainwashing from the culture around you takes time dissolve. it’s especially harder to tackle when everybody behaves this way because your mind reasons that it’s natural to behave that way until you realize you’re not called to be natural but supernatural. For the state of man in the garden of Eden was supernatural and after the fall he became “natural” and an idiot.

Therefore to be natural is to be an idiot and to be supernatural is to accept your original state. We need to pursue this original state which can only be obtained by lots of work in prayer and understanding the nature of the world around us and inside of us.

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