Can Christians Practice Dark Psychology?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What is Dark Psychology? It sounds like we are in a mental movie of Star Wars and we’ve went from the rebellion to the dark side. Yes, you’ve heard about Pink Floyds dark side of the moon but what about the dark side of the mind? It sounds a bit sinful and unusual doesn’t it?

Dark Psychology is the art of manipulation, mind control and persuasion. Employing its tactics one can wrap others around their little finger. It doesn’t happen over night but through a long period of time a person can consume their victim especially if that person does not contain a high level of emotional intelligence.

I always laugh when people tell me they’ve a high IQ because its usefulness is limited unless combined with a high EQ (Emotional quotient). I’ve met people with a genuinely high IQ and their lack of EQ was quite evident after getting to know them. I’m not claiming to have a high level of EQ but one can’t help but notice these things.

A person of this caliber with high EQ is not impossible to use dark psychology on but they stand a far better chance than those with a low EQ. Dark Psychology isn’t as dark as it sounds for one can put it towards a good cause. However, I would like to recommend its use only by those who are close or at the very least struggling to maintain a relationship with Christ.

Another good use of it is that a person can also study dark psychology in order to spot the person using it on them. As long as it does not effect the free will of the person you’re using it on, and there is a righteous end one can employ its tactics.

This type of psychology and its use will depend upon the sinfulness of the person using it or rather their dispassionate state and closeness to Christ.

You see, the soul is made up of the intellect and the will and they function separately however close they seem to be. When both of these are conformed to knowledge of God and His Will it results in the production of virtue. For example a police man knows (intellect) how to break into a house, but he chooses (will) not to. On the other hand the thief has the same knowledge but uses his will (chooses) to break into the house and commit sin. The police man knows the dark art of how to break and enter another persons home but he chooses not to. However if he had to, he’d use it for the righteous end of saving another life, see?

The same can happen with just about anything in life. We can learn how to use the gun and choose to defend our loved ones with it or use to murder innocent people. The same applies to dark psychology. Some cults and sects use it to grab a hold of their victims and drag them into unquestionable obedience to their falsehood while others use it to direct them away from the cult in question.

It’s very deep in its content and I don’t recommend it for those easily given to temptation or who possess a low EQ and are weak willed. However, along with body language, lip reading, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and others I do see the study of dark psychology as a necessary life skill, but one that must be harnessed with the love of Christ.

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