The Problem With Sales Jobs

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

It depends on the type of sales job, but usually, they’ll take anyone with a heartbeat. The reason for this is because it’s very difficult to get someone to do the work and do it well.

For many, the thought of loading heavy stones onto a truck all day long in the summer heat would be a better option than sales. Why? Because people value their mental health that’s why. Unless you’ve got a really good steady grip on your emotions, sales are not for you. There are very few people in the world who can stand before the general public and persuade them to buy a product. Few people on the planet can deal with the general public in general.

You’ve got so many different personalities, mental disorders, cultures and social classes of all sorts of intelligence and none to be dealing with. Your strategy and your personality will always change depending upon the person you’re engaging with. You can never truly be yourself in the game of sales except when you’re eating your lunch and playing pool with your colleagues in the break room.

I truly enjoy it because I get to wear a suit, tie and be my own boss. With that in mind it’s just a shame there’s no money in it. Yes, I’m sure there’s the right sales job out there somewhere but generally speaking, sales jobs are not what they once used to be in the 1980s. Your boss sells you the idea you’re going to make loads of commission but don’t believe him. Everything is always geared towards their favour and not yours because that’s how business works. You can’t be making the same or more as your boss that’s ridiculous, right? It makes sense.

Likewise, they don’t like hiring people smarter than themselves or who are familiar with the sales process unless these companies are stupid. They enjoy hiring fresh meat coming from some poor area of low intelligence, why? Because they want to be able to form and mould them in a way that’ll benefit the company. You can’t do that with someone smarter or familiar with sales.

A person like this will take advantage, first of the stupidity of the Boss, and secondly will also be able to cut corners knowing how the sales game works. All of this behaviour can harm the company. What I’m talking about here I’ve not read out of some book, it’s common sense. Yet, there are people out there without even that and so they have to be told.

When you first begin you’re doing well in sales and climbing the ranks. However, as time moves on and you’ve mopped up all the sales in town and the money you become a liability. Now you’re a nuisance who is simply taking a wage from them and unable to give back to be capable of matching the wage. Not only the wage but the petrol and whatever other expenses you may have while being on the road gets affected.

What happens? They pile on the pressure to get selling so that you’ll resign and go off somewhere else. I call it the lemon dance. You’re doing great, make all the sales become a lemon and so you go to another sales company to work for them. You repeat the process of making all the sales and squeeze the life out of whatever sales are left on that territory. You turn from a star into a lemon and then move to another company.

This is the reason why sales jobs are not desirable for some because of the high staff turnover rate. You’ll come in and then leave. To other future employers who value stability in the workplace and are unaware of the process, you’re undesirable. Why? Because stability demonstrates your capability of remaining in the job. If on your resume they see loads of chopping and changing places of work, it’s an indication you won’t be with them for long either.

Sales jobs can jumpstart your work career because they’re quick and easy to get, but damage your prospects of a future stable career in a non-sales environment. For this reason, they remain to be an undesirable place of work and make you look like an idiot because of all the chopping and changing on your resume. It’s different if you land a sales career working for Microsoft or Apple but national energy or broadband companies? I’d avoid them if I were you. Stability in a sales job boils down to where you land that job.

It’s horrible because I enjoy selling and get a good thrill out of dealing with the general public. I like being my own boss and developing my strategies only meeting with the Boss once a week to give a report and forecast of the next. However, once all the sales are made, and there’s nowhere up because someone already has that position, the only way for you is through that revolving door and out onto the street. It is here that you have to pick yourself up and go get another job somewhere else.

Therefore if you’re in a sales job now, have made all your sales, living on their wage and they’re piling the pressure to get sales out of you? You can take that as their polite way of saying “you’re not getting a free lunch, you’ve done your time now get lost.” I’ve seen guys go from one sales company, make all the sales, go to another company and make all the sales there.

Then he bounces from that company back to the former who happily take him back after a year or two. Why? Because they’ve loads of clients whose contracts are coming to a close and they need someone to sign them up again. And because this sales guy is a familiar face to them having sold them the 5-year contract in the first place, they’ll happily hire him again.

I recall a sales friend of mine. We liked each other because unlike the rest we’d no problem banging doors and making sales. Both of us were so hard working that we’d work for free even on our days off. Neither of us liked to be at home because that meant being around the wife and kids and all that chaos that goes along with that. In fact, at one point I worked Monday – Sunday.

We are sitting going through our voicemails of all the customers who we sold to. They’re pissed that things didn’t work out for them and we are getting a great laugh from it. “I know you’re ignoring my phone calls you piece of $%£%. I’ll find out where you live”. We’d be drinking our coffees and laughing all over this empty coffee shop in the blue light of the morning.

One guy stopped a person in the company vehicle in the countryside one day and said, “get out of the car. Are you Stephen?” And the guy was ready to bust him up real good. I’ve no idea if he were talking about me but there wasn’t that many Stephens in the area.

Then I’d tell him I’m interested in a stable career and he agrees. He said, “You should get out of this game Stephen. . . it’s a mug’s game and I’ve been doing it for too long.” For those of you unfamiliar with the slang and lingo of Britain and Ireland, it means it’s an idiots venture. It is tough and dirty having to deal with people but I enjoyed it.

Then I got a job selling mattresses. I didn’t like it. It was easier than door to door selling or pressure selling but that’s why I didn’t like it. People were coming in and already in the market and there was no “fight” for the sale so I’d try and sell them extras to make up for the boredom of it all. In addition to this, I’m under a boss who hasn’t a clue how to sell and truth be told I’m smarter than her in this area. That said I’d ranked Number 1 salesman for the entire country in all four major cities. I thought that was cool but it brought a lot of envy from those who were managers and not performing as well.

It sounds terrible but sometimes I thank God for catching Pneumonia that winter and having to leave. You see, in Ireland, there’s no such thing as sick pay so if you’re out for several weeks it makes sense to leave and it is the state who pays for your absence until you find work again. They would have taken me back but I decided to sell mattresses was not how I wanted to die. To end your life in one of those dead-end jobs is like dying with a pair of dirty underwear on.

I think that America is on the Horizon now as a place to go. The problem with America is that you’ve got blue and red states. The Blue states are extremely liberal and the red states conservative but usually contain a few more nuts than the former. The liberal states tend to be more inclusive and accepting of newcomers. They’re eager to move you up the ladder whereas the red states are pretty much small-minded folk whose communities look inward rather than outward.

There are so many pros and cons to America that would require an entirely new post.

It’s a tough call, but I think if I want to progress in a career and make some good money, America will have to be the place to do it. I like my country Ireland but the lockdowns will have affected the economy here more than in the states in the coming years. We are not feeling the pinch now but it’s coming.

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