Only Christ Can Lift The Curse

Netflix's The Witcher Timeline Explained - IGN
The striga from the Witcher On Netflix
Geralt vs. Striga by Michal Kus: witcher

I sat down to watch this rather dark series about a mutant (half human half monster) swordsman who hunts monsters for a living. Apart from the quite graphic sexual scenes depicted in this series (the most graphic I’ve seen in any Netflix series so far) I’ve enjoyed much of the story.

One great episode that caught my attention is where he is employed to lift the curse from the king’s daughter who had been turned into a Striga. Only coming out of her tomb at night she torments the town and kills everything in her path.

The Witcher discovers that the only way of lifting the curse is to expose her to the dawn. He must prevent her from returning to her dark tomb at daybreak. It suddenly dawns upon him that to do so, he must fight her throughout the dark night without ending her life until dawn.

The fight scene is something else and I saw in it a reflection of Christianity. All of us are very similar to the Striga in that we’ve been cursed by sin. The only way out is to be exposed to the dawn of Christ’s light. Like the Striga, we don’t like the light and prefer to live in our fallen like state because standing in the light too painful. We don’t cope too well with having our darkness exposed.

In the movie, you see Striga panicking because she can’t get back into her tomb as the witcher has prevented her. She becomes wildly aggressive. The Witcher resembles the Christian preacher whose task it is to expose his fellow beings to the light and save them. However, like the Striga, when the light hits us we become more wild and aggressive. The reason for this is because change is scary, humility is frightening and we’d rather be a part of the world we already know.

It’s not the light and the uncertainty of becoming a new creature we fear, but the loss of what we already know and are familiar with. Letting go of our ego and life of sinful pleasures is extremely difficult, but it’s nice to know there are Christian preachers (witchers) in the world willing to drag us there even if that journey involves kicking and screaming our way to freedom against our will.

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