When It Comes To Climate Change There Are Two Extremes And Neither Of Them Is Correct

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

In this short post, I won’t try to persuade you of the truth on this matter in any real depth. I can trust that having read this post you will investigate for yourself the points I express and then make up your own mind on the issue. I will speak primarily about the religious approach to this apparent crisis the world is undergoing. I’ll also discuss how to navigate it safely without entering either extremity by liberals and conservatives who have lost their minds.

The world’s climate has been changing for centuries and unfortunately, we are not getting a fair debate around men to influence that change. Are men changing the climate through their behaviour towards the planet? Many scientists and experts on the field are at the sidelines ready to interject and debate that but nobody wants to listen to them. Neither the politicians or world religious leaders will give them an ear to hear what they’ve got to say.

Why? Because the politicians have an agenda to make money out of the entire affair through taxes and other entrepreneurial outfits. All the religious leaders recognizing the popularity of the movement are afraid to question it. Being consciously aware of the worlds existing hatred for religion and the bad light they’re in they can’t help but support it.

By the way, in the west, the Catholic Church is in the lead in the west when it comes to support for the project. The Catholic Church wants to make amends with a world whose members sexually and physically abused them over the past 100 years or so.

Therefore, in an attempt to make amends for all this they’ve literally done a 180 on all traditions and conservative theology. Most of my readers are religious and I don’t need to give a list of traditions and expressions of theology the Catholic Church have compromised to placate the heathens they’re trying to convert.

That’s what the Catholic church considers it does best. It wants to get hip with the popular mode of thought be it a scientific or pop culture to make conversion easier for a generation of liberal snowflakes disillusioned with religion and the Catholic faith. We’ve all witnessed how well that liberal strategy has worked for the Church of England whose Churches are so empty they only open at Christmas and Easter.

It’s another reason why the Pope has issued a green passport and vaccine mandate for Vatican City. “Roll with the times” is Christianity’s new motto in the west. They’re following St.Pauls teaching of becoming a Jew to save a Jew but sadly have taken it to such extremes they’re losing souls rather than converting them.

What are the two extremes in the climate change debate? You have one liberal extreme that claims man’s actions and carbon emissions are warming the climate. On the other conservative extreme, you’ve got the idea that man is doing nothing to the planet at all and there’s nothing to worry about.

Here are the facts scientists and theologians being shunned by the popular world are trying to tell you. Yes, the climate is changing but it’s not due to the actions of man. Humans actions towards the planet as far as plastic in our oceans are concerned and the malpractices found in the fishing industries (the list goes on) are causing the earth to revolt. This latter issue should really be the focus of our attention, not carbon emissions and climate change.

From a theological perspective because of man’s treatment of the earth, he is committing a sin by displaying a lack of respect for Gods creation. This treatment of the planet causes it to vomit back at us in all sorts of natural disasters.

That’s the fair and balanced truth in a few paragraphs. However, the Churches of the world will not hold the council to hear a fair and balanced explanation from the scientists and theologians trying to advise them. Their voice is being drowned out by a Catholic western Church out to make amends with everyone.

They don’t seem to care that their support for climate change and carbon taxes is going to hurt the poorest of society. These people are already under heavy burden from economic difficulties present due to Covid19 lockdowns.

The Churches of the world from Orthodox to Catholic and protestant by showing support for this are playing right into the elite classes plan to make money. All they want to do is find a way to fund their socialist style of government and the carbon tax is one of them along with a way to generate income through their innovative ideas to alter the earth’s atmosphere and play with Gods creation.

I’m inviting my readers not to fall for either of these extremes for the devil’s hand is always in the extremes, but not on the narrow path. The narrow path is where you’ll find Jesus taking a stroll. . . always.

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