My Monday Stinks. . . Literally

Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

I have to admit I’m not one to give way to superstitions regarding Mondays but today had become an exception to the rule. This morning I awoke around 7 AM. My car is currently at the garage all week getting fixed and I’ve to travel to the BMW garage in Dublin to get a part for my car. Without this part, I can’t drive the car plain and simple.

It’s an hours drive so I organize my father to drive me to Dublin in his car to get the part I need. Everything is going as planned and I sleep soundly. Upon waking I got the foulest of smells emanating from downstairs. I come down and see my dog has had really bad diarrhoea and the smell is all over my house and living room.

In the process of cleaning all this up and the dog, I get a phone call from Dad. “Sorry, can’t take you as your brother-in-law suspects he has Covid19 and his wife had been here yesterday so. . .”

This was all I needed and so I now have to spend money putting insurance on his car and getting it to the BMW garage myself. If you’ve ever driven my Dads car it’s quite the experience. It sounds like a bad hair dryer. It’s the kind of car you don’t wash because the dirt is the only thing holding it all together. I travel all the way to the garage for this overpriced piece of rubbish and then immediately get back in and drive the hour back again.

Upon arrival, I find the mechanics shop is closed. I spot a foreign guy and ask him if he knows where he is? Placing his hand on his hip and speaking in broken English he says, “Oh him? He was at a wedding all weekend and is extremely hungover. He’ll not be in today.” Welcome to the world of Irish mechanics. When you pick cheap and affordable human beings sometimes that’s exactly what you get and it always comes at a price.

Yes, my Monday started off really poopy didn’t it? Now I’ve to take the dog for a walk. If she splats on me in the car I’m not sure how I’m going to take that. I’m afraid to go outside the rest of the evening as I’m unsure what lays ahead of me before I retire for the night.

They say Mondays are depressing. I’ve never been able to agree with that . . . until now. First world problems, eh? Before you ask. . . yeah, after every bottle of cleaner available to me, my house still stinks.

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