Orthodox Vs Catholic Approach To Priestly Recruitment

To be fair to the Catholics I’ve chosen the best video I could find for their attempt at priestly recruitment. I believe I’ve found it but if you feel that there’s better out there by all means make contact with me and I’ll entertain it.

Having watched both these videos with objective fairness and being an artist myself I made my decision very quickly. It needs to be said that the Catholic video in comparison to the Orthodox one was far. . . FAR. . . less inspiring.

Both videos used the very best of equipment available to them and the directing and cinematography in each surpassed all expectations. However, the Russian Orthodox blew it out of the water with their incredible production. Their video focuses on the youth, is more orientated towards the spiritual struggle, and has far more grit than the Catholic one.

The Catholics used one of their great saints words in the narrative. I really think that without those words the production would have been an even worse flop than it already is. It has an old cinematic voice as its narrator which is so old school. I mean, come on!!! That kind of tone of voice for narration (mostly used for trailers in the 80’s and 90’s) is so yesterday. The Americans and Irish Catholics really know how to do corny don’t they? Then there’s the narration mixed with this old chubby priest in his late 50’s surrounded by old priests and a young family.

The video ends with all these old aged priests on the steps of a Church smiling at the camera. I have no idea what this obsession Catholic Bishops have with older clergy but it’s really harming the already stereotypical image the people have of the Church. Yes, The Catholic Church is viewed as being a retirement home for old people.

The Russian Orthodox went straight in for the kill with their gritty, dark and slick production. They’ve got plenty of old clergy too but they’ve decided to exclude them from the video altogether. Their focus is on young priests because that’s the type of people they need to hire with a view to having them serve for many years.

The Russians choose to focus on the spiritual struggle of the priest and his former life as being a thief, brigand and street brawler. They’re not afraid to show the humanity and former sinfulness of their priests. The video much like their Liturgy screams, “We mean business.”

The Catholic approach is very “corporate” in its image. I almost feel like I’m watching a video made by an American politician. “Here I am eating food with the family. . . here I am baptizing children. Here I am as an old person rocking in my armchair. Here I am hanging out with your average American middle class perfect Catholic family.” Everything is effeminate and old school in its projection of how it appears.

It’s strange because Pope Francis says he wants a modern Church, but is he getting it? This video by the Catholic diocese of Milwaukee was a great attempt at presenting the Catholic faith to a modern world. However, after watching it, one is still tempted to look at their surroundings to make sure they’re still in the 21st century and not the latter part of the 20th.

The Orthodox Church is often framed as the “ancient Church”. However, it knows what century it lives in. When it comes to projecting a modern image to the world, The Orthodox faithful nail it every single time. The Characters they chose were very relatable and not boring and old school in appearance. They had men with the modern ponytail image and stylish long hair. Their hair styles were very modern whereas the old school comb over the Catholic priests donned just wasn’t doing them any favors.

What are your unbiased objective thoughts having watched both videos? Let me know in the comments.

One thought on “Orthodox Vs Catholic Approach To Priestly Recruitment

  1. I thank you for posting these two videos. I like the Orthodox. The priesthood, especially today, is for the brave, who fully understand the weakness of human nature, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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