Destined To Be Greek Orthodox

2 years ago while on the island of Rhodes I paid a visit to the monastery of Tsambika. While there I went into the monastery shop. We bought some incense and an icon of Saint Matrona of Moscow.

We were being served by a Russian lady and because my wife speaks Russian they had some fun speaking with one another. While they were engaged in that as she packed away our things my son approached me. In his hand is what appeared to be a little paint brush.

He wanted it so I got it. I began to think, “I think this is for blessing people with Holy oil.” When coming home I contacted a Byzantine Catholic priest who told me that it’s legitimate function is for use in Chrismation ceremonies and only by a priest. I thought to myself, “whoops…my mistake.”

Now I’m thinking it was no mistake at all. I had thought about giving it to some byzantine Catholic priest, but for some reason or other it ended up sitting by an Icon of St.Michael the archangel from the island of Simi. It was an icon given to me by my friend Eldy.

As my Chrismation into the Greek Orthodox Church is looking very probable, I will most likely give it to Fr.Ioannis and ask him if he’d be willing to use it to receive me and my family 👪 .

It looks like this little ceremonial Chrismation brush was always destined to be used and only now is that use being properly understood. The Lord knew where I was headed and decided to symbolise it through the purchase of this item 2 years ago.

If we are Chrismated again at Easter of next year, then that would be three years since it was bought and we all know that 3 is not a magic number, but mystical one. 🤔😉

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