Mindfulness ( But Who Are You Being Mindful Of?)

Image by Bhikku Amitha from Pixabay

Mindfulness is very popular right now and for obvious reasons. Human beings are looking for peace in their lives. I think mindfulness helps the body become calm, but it does not progress or advance the soul to union with God.

When engaged in the practice of Mindfulness who are you being mindful of? That’s the ultimate question that will determine whether or not you’re simply alleviating your anxiety or will eradicate it altogether.

While engaged in the act of mindfulness you are aware of the sounds around you. You become tuned to your breathing and it’s quite a helpful exercise that calms the body, isn’t it? But the reason why you never spiritually progress is precisely because you’re relying on your own power to get there. But you have no power. Unless it be given you from above you have no power. This is why the peace you feel is of the flesh, not of the spirit even though you mistake it to be so. Whenever we think we are at peace it’s usually of the flesh and a delusion of the devil who wants us to believe that we get there via our own efforts and power.

Everywhere I read in books, “Mindfulness” but rarely do you ever see written, “Mindfulness of God.” Do you not see? Mindfulness of GOD is what makes the difference in spiritual progress or none at all. When we become mindful of God and surrender our selfish will to Him, that’s when the real peace comes. The reason for this is because we are not relying on our own power to get there, but that of the invisible power of Grace that comes from Christ.

Right now, those engaged in Mindfulness are mindful only of themselves, but not of the Lord. Only the Lord can eradicate our spiritual problems but we have to be willing to sacrifice our prideful stance that we possess that power if any progress is to be made. The next time you want to practice “Mindfulness” practice “Mindfulness of God” instead.

God bless.

One thought on “Mindfulness ( But Who Are You Being Mindful Of?)

  1. A wise post describing the right kind of mindfulness.
    I was inspired by reading a book many years ago by Brother Lawrence, called ‘The Practise of the Presence of God.’

    We do need to practise sensing and appreciating God’s presence with us, but as we practise, we discover the mindfulness of God, and peace.
    Thanks for posting. 🤗🌷


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