Decision For A Date Of Entry Into The Orthodox Church

Today on the feast of the 7th Ecumenical council in the Orthodox Church, the priest approached me and my family after Liturgy. He asked us if we wanted to become Orthodox and that all we need to do is pick a day for the ceremony. As we are currently Catholic and baptized, all that is required now is Holy Chrismation. This is necessary because of the different theology of procession of the Holy Spirit both Catholics and Orthodox hold.

Now, I only need to pick a date and time, but I don’t know when. I’m tempted to say Easter or something but that is very far away. A quick look at the calendar for the next three months revealed three possible dates.

The first date that stood out to me was that of Saint John Chrysostom on November 13th. He is one of my favourite Saints and I do nothing but read his works. Out of all the Early Church fathers he tops my list of Saints whose works I study most.

The next possible date would be Christmas day. On Christmas day I was born in 1984 so this date sounds a like good one, but it’s not all about me and rather my family.

Again the next date in my line of sight happened to be the feast of my Patron Saint Archdeacon and first Martyr Stephen. Again, as we are being received as a family I’m not sure making it all about me is a good thing.

However, my wife is not bothered at all by what choice I make. It seems that all the significant dates that present themselves before 2022 happen to be personal for me. I’ve looked at others but I’m unfamiliar with any other saints in the East at the moment.

I will need to pray about this and ask you for your prayers also.

God bless,


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