Jesus Spoke To Me Today Through His Gospel

In the past few weeks I had two problems that prevented me from attending the Orthodox Church in Dublin. One had been an illness that had descended upon my house leaving only myself free of fever and any symptoms. However, I decided it would not be a good idea to go to the Church with these illnesses afflicting the household.

Instead, I waited until it all subsided and we knew for certain it was not Covid19. When that time had passed a new problem had arisen. The oil pressure light on my BMW flared up. For those of you not knowledgeable about mechanics I’ll explain briefly what that means. It signifies that you must, STOP THE CAR IMMEDIATELY!!! HAHAHA.

That’s the short answer but the long one is this: Your engine cannot release the pressure generated in the engine. If it cannot release the pressure your engine is in great danger of seizing up in which case you’ll be getting a new car. The oil pressure sensor/switch sends this information to release the pressure but when it’s not working that doesn’t happen.

I call my mechanic and he takes the car in over the weekend. By Monday he’s calling me and letting me know that he tried to get the part for it (sensor) but cannot locate one. A few days later he rings again and says he gives up and wants me to help him locate one. What do I do? I simply call BMW themselves and order the part but it was more expensive than ordering local.

I drive to Dublin in my fathers car and collect the part. I return back to the mechanic with it the Monday after we spoke. He’s closed because he’s been partying all weekend and is nursing a serious hangover. I patiently wait until the next day, hand him the part and he has it done within a few hours.

My car (we assume) is fixed for now. The big test was the drive to Dublin but between now and then I write a blog post. Do you remember it? It was on learning when to walk away from a dispute with another person. I explain that you should really only speak to him once or twice and then leave him to God.

Sunday (today) arrived and I got in my car and headed to Dublin for the Divine Liturgy. During my car trouble I wanted to give up on the whole Orthodox thing thinking it impossible to get to Dublin every week without a good car. All these thoughts of abandoning my mission to convert to the Orthodox Church plagued me. However, I was determined to patiently endure the trial convincing myself that, “absence makes the heart grow fonder, so don’t worry.”

That is is true, by the time we could go to the Divine Liturgy we were more excited than we’d been the first time we’d visited.

I go inside and I’m greeted with the usual glow of candles and wall of incense coated in Lavender. Then the readings came and that of the Gospel.

You won’t believe it but the first reading was of Saint Paul to Titus on avoiding arguments and learning how to walk away from people obstinate in their opinions. I had just written a post about this topic two days ago.

The second reading had been about the Parable of the sower. At the end of the parable the Lord says concerning the seed that fell in good soil, ” And as for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bring forth fruit with patience.”

I realized this was the Lord telling me to not to be the seed that falls away or is choked by the worries of this world (concerning my doubts about my ability to travel the hour to Dublin every week). The Lord had been saying to continue to endure and have patience. For Constantinople was not built in a day and neither is ones journey through Orthodoxy 😉 .

When people say that prayer and conversation with God is only a one way communication don’t believe them. The scriptures are testimony to the fact that God speaks to us every time we open the Bible. Those without faith will find what I’ve said hard to stomach, but as the Gospel reading finished with today, “”He who has ears to hear, let him hear.””

God bless.

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