Can Prayer Be Dangerous?

Many of us would never think that prayer could ever be a dangerous act. How could prayer ever be a problem when it is supposed to bring peace and calm to ones life? If prayer is dangerous why should I practice it? So many questions haha.

When we pray to the Lord to help us with a certain problem it’s not an issue. It is only a problem when we pray with dedication the Jesus prayer or singing of Psalms and Daily office. When we pray we attract the attention of the Lord, but sadly we also gain the attention of the Devil.

There’s no avoiding the reality that prayer is like kicking sand into the eyes of the Devil especially the Jesus prayer. Prayer that is dedicated and not just casual is like a declaration of war upon Hell itself. He (Satan) will release as many demons as is possible to stop you and every demon attached to you will howl for the destruction of your soul.

How many demons he sends will depend upon how advanced the soul is in the spiritual life. With spiritual beginners not that many (if any at all) because sometimes their own ignorance and weak minded disposition will be enough to stop them. But with the intermediate or spiritually advanced he will send absolute hordes upon hordes of demons upon them. There are stories of monks in caves levitating and being thrown around on their rush mat. If me and you were thrown around like that we’d run for cover wouldn’t we? Spiritual beginners that we are.

However, these spiritual giants sat in their caves, and while being thrashed around on their prayer mat never once stopped praying the Jesus prayer. These souls never got to that kind of spiritual level by their own efforts. They were instructed by a spiritual master accompanied by the Grace of the Lord and the strength of their own will determined for union with Christ.

Praying becomes dangerous for us when it becomes dedicated without someone to guide us. If a guide is not available holy books and the teachings of the fathers will suffice. But if you listen to neither a guide or the Holy Fathers then God help you is all I can say.

Prayer must be practiced in small doses and then you build up the immune system of your soul overtime. If you go in too heavy then you will suffer at the hands of a very intelligent being out for the destruction of your soul. You will end up spiritually deluded. There can only be one outcome for the inexperienced warrior who decides to charge an army of experienced soldiers all by himself.

Don’t read me wrong, prayer and plenty of it protects, but to the soul without spiritual guidance he can end up the play thing of the Devil. All sorts of things can go wrong like illnesses, flashes of light that are not of the Lord but an imitation of the Devil. You will notice an increase in depression of soul. You may even start out with lots of enthusiasm then spiritually burn yourself out entering despair and get fed up of religion altogether.

You will also notice lots of people get angry with you more and there’s lots of sudden unrest with your friends and neighbours. All of this is the enemy throwing everything he’s got at you so that you will stop whatever prayer you’re doing and going to Church.

Prayer is not dangerous but without a guide who knows? It’s like picking up a giant sword and charging at a large army without the help of Jesus, the Blessed Theotokos and a good guide who has already traversed the war path that leads to union with the Lord.

If prayer attracts the worst of demons why should you pray at all? Well, I certainly don’t mean to put you off it, but are you a coward? Do you want to run away from Jesus like the disciples did in his hour of need? Without suffering we cannot attain union with God. As Christians we must face the reality that contemplation and union with God involves suffering.

Sometimes God will fill a man whom he chooses with wisdom quicker than others but that is rare. For the most part Christian enlightenment comes after much labour. Unless they win the Lotto or inherit lots of money, very few men become successful millionaires without breaking a sweat wouldn’t you agree? Everyone knows the best way to get your wages is to work for it.

To attain the riches of Gods Grace and complete union with Him, one must labour in the task of prayer and accept that the path is strewn with the traps demons lay out for them. Cancelled flights, broken down cars, near car crashes, illnesses that afflict the whole household, neighbours who suddenly begin hating you without good reason. Laughing during prayer, wandering thoughts, shameful lustful thoughts, laziness in prayer, feeling bored during prayer. All of these are attacks from the demons.

To the intermediate type he tries to delude them with dreams, flashes of light and disguising himself as an angel of light through the bad advice of priests. To the spiritually advanced he will turn up the heat and levitate them off the ground and thrash them around and gash them in the night while they sleep.

He does this to them in addition to everything else mentioned for the beginners and those on the intermediate path. Prayer is beautiful and those of us who struggle will receive moments of peace throughout the battle. When it has ended and we’ve succeeded in resisting temptation that’s when the Graces come.

My grandfather fought in the second world war. He said that after a successful invasion on the beach at Normandy they all began to laugh. Every time they got through a battle unharmed all the soldiers would laugh because there was a sense of relief and this feeling was a reward for their struggles.

It is the same in spiritual warfare. When we resist the Devils temptations we begin to giggle a bit and feel happy inside. This is God rewarding the soul for resisting and filling it with His peace.

Prayer is a battle, but prayer without a guide is like someone picking up a gun with little to no instruction on how to use it. He knows how to fire the gun, but has no idea how to strip it down and clean it should it seize up from the mud of battle and give him trouble. He has no idea how to take care of the gun entrusted to him and without this knowledge, should the gun fail him, not knowing how to handle that type of situation, he will suffer at the hands of the enemy.

Prayer is very similar. You can pray, and make some progress, but the reason no progress is ever made is because we don’t possess guidance. We can pray the prayer, but as soon as some sort of temptation comes, not knowing how to handle, understand or see who is behind this attack, we fall away from virtue and go into despair.

The Bible says in proverbs that riches in the hands of a stupid person will never be of any benefit. Likewise with the riches of prayer. When we pick up the Jesus prayer it’s like taking ones hand and plunging it into a treasure chest of rubies and diamonds. But without the knowledge on how to invest the riches of this prayer we will lose all spiritual progress and even what we have will be taken from us.

See? Riches in the hands of a stupid person is of no benefit whatsoever.

Prayer is not dangerous, but the person who engages in it without guidance is dangerous. He is dangerous not only to himself but to others around him as he goes around trying to drag others to hell with him trying to guide them or tell them he converses with the angels and all his deluded nonsense while he has not yet mastered the passions that afflict his soul.

Begin praying today, but also while doing it I recommend you read, “Spiritual warfare” if you don’t have a worthy guide. Read books on prayer and get to know thyself then you will be properly armed for battle with the little devils out to destroy you.

Join me, a fellow spiritual beginner on this journey to union with God.

Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me the sinner.

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