How To Spot A Fake “Faith Healer”

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

This morning I called a woman on the phone. I know her well. I wanted to collect something at her house. She answered in a bit of a fluster and complained to me. “You’re after disturbing me as I was in the middle of getting healed.” I replied, “Huh? Healed? Where?”

She continued, “I’m looking at this faith healer live on Facebook who is healing anyone who tunes in.” I rolled my eyes so hard I could almost see my brain. I asked her what his name was and warned her to get away from him.

She told me his name was “Mr.X of the 7th son”. I laughed and pressed her further, “7th son of what? God?” “Yeah” was the reply of a Christian woman whose nervous voice communicated she knew what was coming from me.

She said, “He told us that we might feel our hands getting warm and our feet cold as he fills us with his energy”. I told her to immediately get away from it.

I told her not to be disturbed at my phone-call and that the Lord had obviously sent me to break up her little “healing” party. I looked up this person and saw three major red flags. One was that he had over 35k likes from the local community and the second red flag was that he claimed to have a gift of healing. The third was all this talk of “energy”.

Only God can heal and people with a genuine gift of healing never claim that they can heal. This is how you know the Spirit of God from the spirits of evil. Furthermore, he claimed that this gift of healing was passed down to him through generations of his family who were healers before him. Absolute HORSEFEATHERS!!!.

I called her back and schooled her in this and also spoke with her husband. I said, “She was up to no good while you were out getting your haircut. You need to tell her that the idle mind is the devils workshop and not to be sitting at home all day busying herself with this nonsense on Facebook.”

He agreed. I called her again and she admitted the fault promising never to entertain it again. This woman kept complaining to me about demonic activity in her house and bedroom in previous months. She said the priest comes to bless the house but it doesn’t work.

I told her that the reason the priest is not working is because you’re inviting the demons back in and destroying the blessing the house has been given by entertaining this nonsense. This is not the first time she’s been told about entertaining this rubbish either. Some people never learn.

I had been thinking again about this Facebook who conferred the honor of having the gift of healing upon themselves.

Then I looked to the book, “My life in Christ” by St.John of Kronsdat (Russian Orthodox saint) on my armchair. I picked it up, sighed and flicked through the pages while asking him what he thought. My eyes landed on a paragraph where St.John is talking about the changing of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. He explained that the priest does not do it but is only the instrument for the Holy Spirit.

In other words St.John was saying to me, “Yup. . . I couldn’t agree more.”

Avoid these “Faith healers”. Three red flags to look out for is the claim to be able to heal, talk of “energy” and taking money for it or other weird theologies not consistent with Orthodox theology.

God bless

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