It’s Not Normal To React Violently When Someone Insults Your Mother

First of all let me say I’ve great respect for the Pope. Although we are miles apart on subjects regarding vaccines passes, vaccines mandates, climate change and some views on the creation story I strongly condemn all unjust attacks against the Bishop of Rome.

However, some seem to think one cannot publicly disagree with the Pope without being his attacker. Some people I’m pals with tend to form this view, but it’s erroneous. To adopt the view one cannot disagree with the Pope is a form of clericalism. Not only this but it’s disposition of spiritual delusion. Pope Francis himself condemned clericalism for anyone who wants to disagree and are Catholic.

I’d like to put the video I’m sharing with you into context. Pope Francis is speaking about 5 days after the Charlie Hebdo attacks by Islamic radicals in France. It was an attack in response to cartoons that made fun of their Prophet and Islamic faith. I don’t have to repeat what he said because the short clip will say it all for you.

I found this approach one in which he almost justifies the attacks of these radicals simply because someone insulted their faith. He depicts such reactions as “normal” even though moments earlier says we shouldn’t react violently.

I strongly disagree with this. It is not normal to punch someone who insults your mother anymore than it is to shoot people who make fun of your faith.

I felt that Pope Francis here was giving justification to the radical attacks that took place when he should have been condemning any violent reactions towards ones faith being insulted. It seemed odd that he said we shouldn’t react violently but then proceeded to say it’s normal to react violently.

Normality is found in union with God who taught us always to turn the other cheek. That’s what normal is. Abnormality is to act like beasts of the field with no moral compass possessing a lack of virtuous direction.

This post is not meant to have Orthodox, Catholic, Protestants or anyone for that matter to be provoked to dislike the Bishop of Rome. Pope Francis has his moments like all of us. However, this is not one of his best considering the timing of it with that of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. The nature in which he calls violent reactions as something normal is also distasteful.

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