Sometimes We Don’t Realize What God Is Doing For Us

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I’d like to begin this post with a parable.

A man had been hiking through the woods when he lost his way. He prayed for God to help him. Taking his map in hand he’d no idea how to pinpoint his location. Suddenly, a man came along the path and saw a person who’d lost his sense of direction. After asking him where he’s going he explained, “It’s this way here, you can accompany me if you like as I’m headed in the same direction.”

The man folded up his map with delight and said, “Thank you”. Then he looked up at God with disappointment and said, “So much for your help?”

There are times when we don’t see Gods saving help because we are blinded by our own ignorance. We compartmentalize God into tiny fragments bringing him down to our human way of thinking. We are always expecting the visible and supernatural answer reluctant to acknowledge the invisible actions of God that take place around us.

Look at what happened that woman I encountered yesterday. She’d been in the middle of being “healed” by a modern sort of witch doctor until I called and interrupted all of it. A few minutes later I schooled her that it’s all nonsense and successfully took her away from it. See? There is a war going on around us and how much help we receive depends upon how much we are praying and living virtuous lives. It also depends upon the prayers of the Church.

The more we pray and strive to live good virtuous lives, the easier we make it for God to do great things for us. The less and less we do this the harder it becomes for our guardian angel to shed light to prevent hardships from befalling us. You often hear those stories of people who fall from skyscrapers, land on a car, but should be dead rather than alive.

There are other stories where people don’t have that happy ending and through horrible timing experience great suffering. Such is the nature of the spiritual war and free will. That God must respect it means some endings are happy while others are go terribly wrong for us.

We are in such a nasty world and situation aren’t we? We’ve been born into an arena where we must fight for our souls and lives. It doesn’t seem fair, but to wallow in the mud of self-pity, complaining and whining about how God is evil for allowing this to happen won’t change the reality.

What is that reality? That Heaven, Hell, original sin, cursed world, and the spiritual war around us is concrete and real. Philosophizing about subjects we can never truly get a satisfactory answer to is a mere distraction from the task at hand. Behaving like this is to act like that soldier who doesn’t want to be in the war but is forced to be there. He protests the “higher political powers that be” who put him there.

However, he has two options. Either he sits down amidst the war around him with his hands over his ears in protest or picks up the gun to save himself and ask questions later.

If he chooses the former he’ll simply die. His small voice fighting the inevitable reality of war will not prevent war from ever happening again. While it may be possible to fight political corruption one cannot fight the system that is reality. Reality bites hard and this is especially true in the world of theology.

We as Christians must choose the latter. We must pick up our prayers, grab whatever virtues we can and make the most of the spiritual war. I too have difficult questions about the nature of suffering, but I’m the type who sees the reality, fights now and asks questions later. God is there willing to help us and there are times when through the prayers of others he does. But for the most part many innocent people die and suffer as a result of this spiritual war around us, Why? Because nobody prays.

There are times in our lives when we don’t see the good the Lord is doing. The reason for this is because our sins have darkened our intellect and understanding. We live in ignorance of the invisible war going on around us.

When going to confession one day me and my wife nearly got into two car crashes. The crashes were so close. I could see one woman prior to our near crash confused as to why she pushed on the gas to accelerate the car onto the road. The unspiritual mind will put it down to mere stupidity of the moment. But the spiritual mind will always recognize that something else prompted her to do it.

Do you see? A spiritual war is going on all around us and we don’t see the fight. Why? Because of sin, that’s why. Sin weakens the will, destroys the intellect, sullies the body, cauterizes the soul and brings to ruin all of society.

Remember, when you’re feeling down about something that didn’t happen in your life, it’s because of two things. First the Lord is protecting you from something bad that would have resulted from your choice. Secondly, the choice might have been good but because of your sin, something came in and thwarted Gods plan for you. Not to worry, he will bring the good out of that eventually.

Place your hope in God and accept that no matter what happens in your life, all that matters is you die in his friendship and grace. That’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter if you lose your riches, house, wife, dog, cat or whatever. It means nothing to see your charitable project fall apart. All that matters is that you die in his friendship and grace.

Whenever obstacles come along stop and remind yourself, “God’s hand is in everything, and even if it wasn’t he’ll bring the good out of it. I don’t see the good because I’m sinful and ignorant. All that matters is that I die in his friendship and grace.”

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