The Feast Of St.John Of Kronsdadt

St.John Of Kronsdadt and his wife Elizabeth

I’m writing this post on learning that his feast was yesterday. The purpose of the short post is to demonstrate how God works and the manner in which the saints approach us.

The day before his feast do you remember my post where I reprimanded the woman for engaging in people who claim to have the divine gift of healing?

Somehow, a book which I’ve still yet to hand back to the Russian library since 2015 made its way out of storage. I’ve no idea how it got to the arm of my chair. You will recall in that post how I spoke about what happened after my conversation with her had transpired on the phone.

I look only to see the book resting on my chair. I lift it up and flick through it. Feeling the wind of the turning pages brush my face I ask St.John what he thinks. It lands on a paragraph where he speaks about the priest only being an instrument of God and does not possess the actual power to turn the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. This was Saint John basically agreeing with me that people who claim to be able to heal are false.

Yesterday my wife began reading his book and only this morning did she alert me to the fact it had been his feast day yesterday. Do you see how the saints gather around you? This may seem like nothing to you but I like sharing these stories to alert people to how the kingdom of God works.

God bless

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