What Loving God Would Send Us To Hell For Not Believing In Him?

Image by succo from Pixabay

Today I spoke with a man who asked what sort of loving God would condemn people to Hell for not believing in Him?

I think it’s a great question and one I asked myself in my irreligious years. First of all we need to know what it is that encompasses the word “belief”. In the Gospel the Greek for “belief” doesn’t simply mean acknowledging the existence of God but of obedience to Him and his commandments.

My answer to him was from the human perspective.

What sort of loving Judge would allow a murderer who disobeyed the law not suffer a prison sentence? Is the Judge evil for sending the murderer to prison? Is society evil for creating an actual place of darkness that is prison where those who break the law are confined to? No, of course not. I find it strange that we would applaud the Judge for executing his judgment upon the criminal and yet point the finger at God for holding us spiritual criminals to account for the same.

How is God any different than the earthly judge? For the Lord is even greater than the Judge on earth and more loving and just. All his judging is perfect and without blemish and the stain of human error as would be with human Judges.

God is no more to blame for a person going to Hell than the earthly Judge is for the man who sent himself to prison for murder. The Lord is no more evil for allowing the existence of Hell for those who say no to Heaven through their way of life than the society who created a prison for those who refuse to obey the law of the land.

Who sends the murderer to prison? Who is really to blame for his sentence? The answer to that is common sense just as is the answer to the question of those who send themselves to Hell. What kind of loving Judge and society would allow people to run amok and commit crime at will without consequence for their actions? What kind of loving God would allow a fallen world behave as it wishes and expect to gain eternal salvation?

God is first and foremost our Father and friend. But if we disobey Him and live a life unworthy of Heaven, why be surprised when He becomes our Judge and we are sent to Hell? The way in which we live sends us to Hell, not God. It is obvious that a loving God is not someone who allows his children to commit whatever sins they wish and get away with it. God is not a God of disorder but of order and peace.

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