Multiple Social Media Accounts

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest. They’re only a few of the many social media platforms available to us today.

I don’t know how people manage all these accounts. I’ve friends who take one photo and say, “let me share that to Facebook. Oh no, wait I forgot to put it on Instagram. Hold on a second, it’s too good not to share on Twitter and Pinterest”.

You know how many social media accounts I have? ONE. I’ve got Facebook and that is IT. I used to have them all but didn’t use them so got rid of them. I used Facebook for Christian groups only and my posts are largely private.

I soon realized that in the Christian world not every Christian is charitable. I had the local Bishop with his very own spies on my Facebook account during the whole diaconate fiasco to spy on my every movement in a bid to find out what kind of man I am.

In the end the spies reported back to him my complaint regarding the churches violation of the freedom of choice and conscience of its existing seminarians when it came to forced vaccinations by the Church. They became irritated by it. They were testing me, but ultimately the testing of the spirits of them revealed a very liberal spirit in my diocese. A bullet dodged if you ask me.

Strange behaviour I think you’d agree and it destroyed any trust I ever had for the Catholic Church. After identifying the person involved I removed him and literally every person friend or foe from the platform that were Catholic and of local or Irish descent. The violation of a private platform to outsiders made me realize that social media is a rather problematic platform.

I am glad I only have one account. I think having to manage multiple ones would send me bonkers I’ve no idea how the young ones (and some older than myself) manage it. What is this desire to have multiple accounts in the first place? I don’t understand it.

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