Reality Bites Hard When We Leave This World

There are three types of riches in this world. There are material riches and those worldly passions of soul along with the pleasures of the flesh. Although we may enjoy them for a time here on earth, we can enter heaven with neither of them. For no unclean thing can enter Gods most Sacred abode.

Yes, the enjoyment of the praise of the people inside and outside the Church. The honors they confer on us and the good opinion we enjoy of the officials who court our favour, not because they like us, but because we are wealthy and can provide them with something in return. All are riches.

All of these things a man gains here, but it stays here. Even after a person is dead what the world thinks of him good or bad lingers on. Their opinion of him had been of no benefit to him when was alive, and will be of even lesser benefit to him now that he’s dead.

The wealth he passes on to his ungodly sons will be of no use to them either on the day of Judgement. It would be more beneficial to give ones inheritance to a complete stranger of good Christian moral character and wisdom than an ungodly son. For leaving behind riches for the ungodly to use them wrongly would only pile on the sin one already has before Lord making his chains in Hades even heavier.

The picture above says it all. Of course, nobody denies a person riches. I think we’d all agree that rich or poor, it’s nice to have a few bucks in the back pocket, right? It’s what we do with the riches that is important in the eyes of the Lord.

If we enjoy material riches how do we use them in a way that will build up society and give glory to the Lord? Create jobs, help the economy. Giving money away without hope of return is another one. Likewise the creative ideas of a charitable project that regenerates money all by itself without simply having to throw dead money at it.

Perhaps we enjoy the riches of high status among the culture and are famous. How do we use that to the greater glory of the Lord? Some use the influence of their fame preying on the weak minds of the general public to legalize liberal ungodly ideals like abortion. Blessed are those few who sacrifice it all to use their fame (however ridiculous they still look) against such infanticide.

The only riches we leave this world with are the virtues and the Love we showed God and neighbour throughout life. A man may appear to be rich before the world, while before the Lord he seems more destitute than the beggar he daily ridicules. While the Jewels and gold necklaces still cling to his lifeless skeleton, he’ll be standing before the Lord as one who is naked. Without the proper clothing how can he expect to enter therein and enjoy the banquet of the Lord?

Make sure you build up for yourself treasure in Heaven and see the treasure of the world for what it really is. For when a man possesses Wisdom, love of God and riches, he is a force for great good in this world. But, there’s nothing worse than riches in the hands of a stupid ungodly profligate. Such a person when appears before the Lord, even whatever little virtue he possesses will be taken away and will not save him.

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