The Popular World Versus The Unpopular World

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Have you ever seen the movie, “The Matrix”? I am actually surprised by the number of people who haven’t seen it. I think it’s mainly due to the complex story that appeals to a youth familiar with the technology that the older generation mostly find alien.

In the Matrix, those who live in the real world are not popular. They are confined to the underground sewers and are fewer in number than those still stuck in that world of illusion created by an evil artificial intelligence.

These characters are a perfect reflection of Christians living in the 21st century. On the one hand, you have “The world” with its Anti-religious popular culture that keeps its intellect darkened and under lock and key. On the other, you’ve got these Christians whose minds have been freed from the illusions designed to keep them distracted from the path to truth and salvation.

In the movie, they (those whose minds have been freed) live in sewers and eat horrible sloppy food. Their clothes, unlike that of those who live in the illusory world, are poor and shabby. To add insult to injury, now that the veil has been lifted and they know for certain the nature of the world they live in, this makes them the number one target of the artificial intelligence that has taken over their world.

It is the same with Christians. Small in number, poor in appearance (mostly monastics) and their food meagre and basic. They are the number one target of the Devil now that he knows that they know the nature of the world they live in. Living in the truth means we must band together as a small group. We live in the discomfort of such a reality while living with the comfort that one day Christ will be victorious.

We are not popular no less than God is popular. However, it is precisely this unpopularity that draws the seeker to come and find us. Once a man begins to question the reality of the world he lives in, he’s already begun a great journey to the uncomfortable armchair of Christianity. I say uncomfortable although I’d like to balance that with the comfort of victory in the end.

For many, the idea that God and Christians are not popular often being derided in the public square means that they do not have the truth. The higher spiritual intelligence of darkness we wrestle with has successfully darkened our intellect. He has achieved this through the whispers that religion is ridiculous to keep us all from ever finding the light. Likewise, the pleasures of the flesh, self-esteem, self-love and egoism are the enjoyable illusions that prevent us from ever leaving such a spiritual Matrix.

Yes, the world, while created by God, has become the devil’s playground. Nobody from Patriarch to Bishop to Laity is ever exempt from his wily attacks.

Dear reader, you who find God so unpopular I’m here to tell you that you should look more into that. When the media has formed its own college of secular Bishops to proclaim what truth is using the decree “Everyone’s doing it” you should sit back and question it. This is not to say everything the world agrees on (such as the sky is blue on a sunny day) is to be deemed untrue. I only invite you to question the agreeableness on that which satisfies their desire to feed illusory happiness brought on by the pleasures of the flesh.

The desire to abort their young, satisfy their lust either for casual sex or food or some other strange obsession that feigns happiness. the meaning of love, sex and happiness are so warped in this world it would take an entirely different blog post at the attempt to dismantle it.

However, suffice it to say that the false understanding of each is used by this dark spiritual intelligence to keep one well entangled in its web of lies.

You always hear people presenting their religion to others (the new age stuff and eastern religions like Buddhism, Hinduism etc) as something peaceful and that will make them, “Happy”.

I never present Christianity as such. Christianity, whilst it retains its periodic moments of Grace and happiness that give us respite from the war, is for the most part an uncomfortable religion to follow. It’s not an easy sell is it? You have preachers who ask you if you want to save your soul and be happy and then there’s my sales pitch.

Do you want to be unpopular? Would you like to be derided and alienated from your friends and peers? Can you stand in the presence of God for 2-4 hours (depending upon what service you’re at)? Can you make a good attempt at fasting on bread and water? Can you put up with losing your businesses and millions, pick up your heavy Cross and be crucified to the illusory pleasures of this world?

Not easy is it? Christianity is deemed so unpopular that an Irish comedian once chimed in on it live on T.V. He asked his audience if they’ve ever noticed that Christians are often loners? They’re weirdos who couldn’t make friends with the world but then again there’s always “Jesus”. I often make the same quip about Catholic priests in Ireland. “Have you ever noticed that many of them are unattractive, couldn’t get married but then again there’s always the priesthood?

It might explain why there was so much abuse in the past. A vocation pressurized by the thought of being unattractive and that Priesthood is all there is certainly is no vocation but only God will know I suppose.” If I were the vocations director, as uncomfortable as it would be to say it, I’d be questioning an ugly man who can’t get married why he thinks such a condition means he’s a vocation to be a priest. But anyway. . . I’ve digressed.

The comedian does tell an uncomfortable truth, that sometimes religion does attract the weird and wonderful. I’ve met them and who knows maybe I’m one of these mentally deranged individuals myself? But for the most part, the comedian neglects to say it because he doesn’t realize it. He doesn’t understand that to the popular world who collectively agree on lots of things, the Christian, although he is psychologically sound, only appears to be ridiculous while containing a hidden treasure.

All Christians are called to become fools for Christ. Even though they appear to be a fool, a fool they are not for such a one possesses a pearl of higher wisdom about the nature of the world he lives in that most do not. Humans are acutely aware of this as many times they make popular movies that ascribe a certain air of wisdom to their main character in the movie.

The film, “Rain Man” starring Dustin Hoffman as a highly functioning autistic individual with a gift for counting is one such example. He’s often viewed as crazy by his brother (played by Tom Cruise) who seems like the “right-minded” of the two. However, he soon discovers there’s more to this guy than meets the eye and realizes he’s more gifted than he thought.

This is what the Christian awaits. He stands by with patience until the world eventually figures out that he knows more than he’s letting on. Such an unpopular one inspires others to begin the search for the unpopular God and truth in their hearts.

When people begin this search for the Lord, they’re often surprised that while they’d read many books and texts or visited many spiritual people, that His presence had been under their noses all this time.

Where is that presence? Their hearts. He really is there and to activate that presence one must begin the search. Simply saying he’s in your heart doesn’t mean you’ve found him. Finding God means union with him. Union with God is achieved primarily through the Sacraments of the Church and dedicated prayer. Notice I say, “dedicated” prayer which means a constant rule of prayer.

Dedicated prayer can also be found not just in devotional prayer but in the search itself. For the search itself is a prayer and the Lord assures us in scripture that He who seeks shall find what he’s looking for. I hope you are inspired to find the truth from reading this post.

God bless you on your journey to become. . . unpopular.

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