How The John Wick Movies Can Inspire Us To Greater Holiness

May be an image of 2 people and dog

I know what you’re thinking. . . how can such a violent movie inspire us to greater holiness in spiritual life?

John Wicks opening movie is basically about a man whose Puppy gets murdered while his house is ransacked. The Puppy was a gift to him by his wife. He then gets himself all his guns together and seeks revenge. In the end and through much hardship he achieves it. In subsequent John Wick movies, it’s pretty much the same theme. It’s very violent.

However, even amidst such a dark story designed for the purpose of entertainment one can turn it on its head. We can use it to describe the true spiritual warfare we should all be engaged in.

The image we have above is an example. The John Wick movies teach us something valuable about the spiritual life. It teaches us that whenever our house (soul) has been ransacked by the demons, and they kill whatever dog (faith) we possessed, that we go and get ourselves an even bigger dog and return to the fight harder than before. We get our revenge through the ascetic arduous life of fighting with the virtues.

The dog represents Jesus who is a terror for the demons and our greatest advocate. The gun is a mirrored image of the true weapon that is the Jesus prayer rope. The cuts and bruises on our faces replicate the many battles and dark nights our souls have been through. The pristine suit John is wearing reminds us that even though we’ve been through these battles, with Gods Grace we’ve managed to keep our decorum and not dirty our souls with unnecessary anxiety.

If we want to seek vengeance remember to give it to the Lord. Assisted by Him we successfully fight all those inner demons. That’s the nature of the spiritual life. If you want to be a proper John Wick that fights with honour, be that person who fights the spiritual battle for the salvation of your soul and that of others. Jesus is our greatest role model, not the worldly character that is John Wick. Real strength lies in Humility.

Some people bring a pit bull to the fight. I bring Jesus and the Jesus prayer.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son Of God, Have Mercy On Me, The Sinner.

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