Is It Possible For The Orthodox To Accept Private Revelations Outside The Church?

It is often the practice in the Orthodox Church not to accept nor endorse private revelations from Christian traditions that have placed themselves outside the Church. The reasons for this seem to be the fact that we can’t trust anything that takes place outside the authority of the Church. Private revelations cannot be accepted because we don’t know what spirit they come from. They especially cannot be accepted if they contradict Faith and morals.

A lot of Orthodox Christians seem to think that people outside the Orthodox faith would never get a visit from God and that he would reveal something to the Non-Orthodox pertaining to the future impossible.

However, we often neglect to read what took place in the Gospel. No, I’m not talking about others casting out demons that were not found to be with the apostles (even though that’s another good point). I am referring to the discussion between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.

The Samaritans were considered what would be between the Orthodox and Catholics of today your average protestant. Therefore, in their land of Judaism, they were removed from what we would call the apostolic lineage today. Whatever argument the Pharisees and Sadducees had between them, they especially despised Samaritans. In fact, Samaritans were seen as a lower race. Being from Northern Israel the Babylonians mixed their blood with their Jewish blood making them a mixed race. They were considered a bastard race of no pure Jewish lineage and complete heretics.

Yet throughout the Gospel Jesus often uses them as the good guys to annoy the Pharisees and Sadducees and prod the already open wound of pride within them as a means to cure their hardened hearts.

Here at Jacobs Well, the disciples come back to see him speaking with a Samaritan woman and are a bit shocked. Why? Because Jews don’t speak with Samaritans they’re not allowed anywhere near them. Yet, in this Gospel, although Jesus reminds her that Salvation is of the Jews (affirming who has the true religion), she is the first person in the Gospel to whom Hee reveals that He is the Christ.

If Jesus can reveal Himself to a woman far removed from the Orthodox Jewish faith, can he not do the same today? Is he confined to only speaking to Orthodox Christians? We see throughout scripture that the Lord spoke to whomever he liked. He even spoke through the mouth of a Donkey in the OT. If that is the case can he not speak to whomever and use whoever he pleases? Of course, he can.

In the visions of “Our Lady of Fatima”, Mary tells the children that Russia will become a great nation and give glory to God the most. She explained they will return to their faith in a most spectacular way. Many Catholics took that to mean they’ll convert to Catholicism.

However, Lucia wrote to a Catholic priest saying in her letter that they will not convert to the Catholic faith. She explained they will return to the practice of their Orthodox faith.

Wrap your head around that one. And guess what? It’s coming true. You can’t say that prophecy had been false for today Russia is now the shining example the Blessed Theotokos promised it would be returning to Orthodoxy in fullness.

One thing we have to remember is that while the schism has divided us this has not stopped Jesus from loving and caring for both churches. The Orthodox faith has crying icons, incorrupt saints just as the Catholic one does. This fact alone is testimony to the love God has for both churches.

Although we are very much set apart theologically, the Lord has not stopped approaching and giving glory to both churches. He has glorified the Orthodox saints with incorrupt bodies just as he has with the Catholics Saints. Don’t allow your anger towards Catholicism to cloud your better judgment on this issue.

One day the true Orthodox-Catholic Church will return to its former glory as in the days of old when it enjoyed union. But for now, let’s not be so dismissive of one another miracles and the action of the Holy Spirit in each other’s Churches. To disparage these miracles as nothing more than the works of evil is to risk Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Don’t make the mistake the Pharisees made by claiming the works Jesus did was by Devils.

The era of a bitter dispute between Catholics and Orthodox is over. A fresh and revitalizing age of union and positive dialogue has begun. Having all Christians under the banner of Orthodoxy is the goal. Christians are better when they’re one under the one true Church. Let’s maintain that focus at all times and not one of the bitter insults towards one another’s miracles and private revelations from Christ. Let’s be humble and accept that Christ can approach whom he likes to teach those in the true Church a lesson in humility as he did with the Pharisees.

God bless.

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