The Devils Attack On Me For Praying The Jesus Prayer

Yesterday, I prayed the Jesus prayer a lot more than I normally do. Using my 100-knot prayer rope, I prayed it quite casually throughout the day. I prayed it in the car, in the house and even while watching movies and YouTube clips. I prayed it while looking at my phone and I prayed it in silence while I lay in bed. I don’t normally do that at all, that is to pray it even through tasks such as watching movies. I fall asleep praying it in the bed.

I had a dream. In the dream, I’m lying on my side in my bed praying the Jesus prayer. I suddenly hear the shouts of a demonic voice that only grows with intensity. There was no visual but the dark presence was very intense. Have you ever had Pneumonia and can feel the weight of something laying heavy on your chest? The dark presence of the evil one is a bit like that.

Then the voice grew and it was not a human voice but otherworldly and incredibly dark. When it spoke it was not a singular voice but a collective one. I suppose, on later reflection, one could probably understand it to be a gang of demons speaking all at once.

It (or they) shouted, “stop it….stop it…..STOP IT……STOP ITTTTTTTTTTT.” The voices were gurgling in nature. It was as if something was gurgling in their throat while shouting.

At first, I thought I could handle it but it grew with such intensity that I became so frightened. I realized someone was lying in the bed next to me. It was a very eccentric Catholic hermit who lives not far from me. He celebrates the Latin Mass daily and on Weekends but also in the ordinary form too where necessary.

My picture of him made the national geographic magazine, but I don’t know him well enough to say his appearance in this dream made any sense. Frightened and with nobody to turn to I poked him to wake him up. “Please way up and help Me…HELP ME, FATHER…HELP ME.” He replied in his usual gentle voice, “What’s wrong?” He jumped to his feet and began to immediately pray over me using a Crucifix Of the Holy Father St.Benedict.

I’ve grown used to these attacks over the years and such manifestations in dreams I can say happen maybe once every 2 years or so. But this one was especially traumatizing as usual. I woke up thinking about it. . . I thought to myself, “I prayed it too much”.

Because I’d prayed it so intensely, it was too much too soon perhaps. That prayer is so incredibly powerful that it’s like kicking sand into the eyes of the devil. When we pray it all of Hell opens up. It’s as if you’d picked up a giant sword and declared war upon all of Hell itself.

Therefore, as with anything, starting out slowly and gradually increasing the number of the Jesus prayers said is better. The whole point of the dream was to achieve one goal. Have you guessed it yet? Yes, to stop me from praying the prayer. “STOP IT!!! STOP IT!!!”. It’s so painful for the demons that it’s the only thing they can cry out. That is the Devils tactic, the get you to stop praying the prayer. In the spiritual beginner’s mind (of which mine is the first) they will often avoid the prayer for fear of having such demonic dreams or experiences again. In this way, the devil succeeds.

However, it’s important to persevere in the prayer but to proceed with HOW one prays with caution. Praying is fine but it’s how we pray that makes all the difference. Too many prayers when our souls are weak will mean that we are unprepared to withstand ferocious demonic attacks. This is especially true for those of us not advanced in virtue or union with God. The employee must learn how to mop the floor of the restaurant before he can have any hope of being elevated to the position of Manager, right?

God bless

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