What To Expect When We Open Our Door To The World

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

A Russian Orthodox Monk made headlines in some circles recently. He had opened the doors of his monastery to loud banging at around midnight. A 22-year-old man rushed in and began stabbing him. He stabbed him in the face, throat, chest and all over his body as he lay helpless on the ground. Miraculously none of his vital organs had been hit. He’s currently recovering from his injuries and said to be eager in returning to his monastic duties.

The story of the monk is a sad one, but there is much symbolism in it with regard to our own situation. In this post, I will discuss what happens when we open the doors in our life to others out of charity.

When we open the door to the world, sometimes we don’t know what to expect. It can be seen as both a charitable act, but not without unexpected consequences.

Greater care must be taken to whom we open that door. In our own little domestic Church, there are two types of doors we open. The first door is of the physical nature in which we accept guests. Who are the guests? How will their approach affect you and your family? Sometimes those guests can even be Christian and cause great problems.

A domestic monastery is a Sacred place, and keeping it that way even though it may express itself in the appearance of being uncharitable is important. The next door we open is the spiritual door. We are all guilty of allowing the world in through adopting its mannerisms, cultural pagan customs and philosophies at variance with our Christian faith.

When we open the door of our little domestic Church to that kind of thing, it is not people who walk through it but demons. Then they come in and totally wreck a family. When we open our doors to a person, we need to be aware we are opening it to Christ, even if that someone has bad intentions. However, we must also be conscious of the fact that we can open the door to demons and not to Christ. It is having the ability to discern who is who at your door that will make all the difference.

We must pray for the discernment of spirits. If we do this, the stranger at the door becomes more identifiable providing us with the opportunity to see how events will transpire if we let him in. There are times when Jesus comes knocking, but also those moments when it’s the Devil at the door of our mind or family trying to enter that sacred space. Know the difference between the two and avoid being stabbed to death by the dark powers that govern this world.

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