From Depths Of Hades, My Relatives Cried To Me

Image by AD_Images from Pixabay

It began with a message on yesterday morning from Shona from New Zealand. I’d never met Shona prior to this. We were a DNA match for a distant relative going back to the late 19th century. Shona contacted me to make me aware of the connection. Her great grandfather’s name was Patrick Slattery who had been a brother to my 2nd great grandfather, Thomas Slattery.

Then today as I drove in the car my g-grandmother Annie Reddan popped into my head. I thought, “Oh yeah, she died November 23rd. I must have a Mass said for her.” I call Saint Johns Cathedral in Limerick to organize that. Having set a date and time I hang up the phone and immediately her daughter Philomena (she died 18 years old from TB) entered my mind.

I knew she died in 1st week of November. Being unsure of the date I didn’t call Johns Cathedral back. I come home and see she died on 5th November so I’ll call him back in the morning and organize a mass for her as well.

I’ve all my work done for the day so I’m sitting with nothing to do. All of a sudden Thomas and Mary Slattery come into my head (Annie Reddan’s mother and Father). I thought to myself, “You’ve never researched their death, might as well do it now and add it to the family tree.”
I do my research and discover see they both lived and died in the same house as young Philomena.

Mary died on November 19th and Thomas on November 23rd just a few days apart from one another on the same year of 1944 (November 23rd is also the same date as his daughter Annie Reddan died in 1972).

I knew that all of this had a purpose behind it. They were reaching out to me, not because I’m superior to everyone else, but only because they know I’m mad enough to ring this fella tomorrow and give him a list of masses to be said for them all. The Souls cry from the depths of Hades to anyone who will hear them and have Divine Liturgies said for them.

I’ve no idea why this particular family is reaching out to me. All these dreams about them and none about my mother’s side of the family seems odd. I thought, “Maybe my mother’s side doesn’t need it?” Whatever the case may be, there’s a reason for everything.

The spooky part is that November 23rd (the date Thomas and his daughter died) is also the date I take my exam to obtain a taxi drivers licence. I told them that as a favour for having these masses celebrated for them, they’re to help me pass this test.

The reason why I chose Saint Johns Cathedral in Limerick City is that although Masses are beneficial for them no matter where in the world they’re celebrated, the place they were baptized or married in is more helpful for them. There’s a tip for you when having Liturgies offered for your relatives.

I take another leap on the internet to see if Thomas and Mary are buried in that same graveyard Annie is buried in. Sure enough, they’re listed as being buried there. I will now visit them too when I come again this coming winter. If you’ve followed this blog you will remember the dream about the gravestone. I said I’ll visit when the shrub sheds its leaves that I may see the inscription. Let us see what will happen with that. It’s a 3-hour journey, but when it comes to saving souls, every journey is worth it.

God bless.

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