Pray For A Relationship With The Lord

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

This morning as I prayed my Jesus prayer from the bed, I struggled to find peace in the prayer. I suddenly had the thought, “Pray not for peace, but for a relationship with the Lord.”

I understood that many times we come to the Lord asking for stuff. These material things He knows we already need, right? But even in prayer, we can come asking for “peace” and other graces.

Is that the right way to approach someone? How would we feel if someone kept coming to us and the first thing out of their mouth is to ask for something? Having the knowledge that they were already in need of this thing, and you’d every intention of giving it to them, would you not be a little put-off? You’d be thinking, “This guy only ever approaches me when he wants something. He never seems to approach me for the sake of me, only to serve his own needs first”.

You can only imagine how the Lord feels when we pray not only for material outcomes but spiritual end results. When we are praying and don’t find peace, it’s the Lord saying, “You’re walking without this peace because I want to train you to look at the higher purpose of why you pray. Look and desire only Me in prayer. Do not approach me out of self-interest.”

When we look to Jesus in prayer and choose Him first in good faith, everything else will be added unto us. We must abolish our will and wants to choose only to focus on a relationship with Christ who already knows what we need before asking. When we get frustrated in prayer or even ask for peace it kind of offends the Lord because you’re denying He already knows you need this to assist you in prayer. You’re not putting Him first and so naturally you’re less likely to get what you need.

Growing up many times I had to beg for stuff from people. I was always more inclined to get what I needed from those to whom I showed prior interest before asking. Astute as any worldly person, I knew the only way to a person is through making a good impression by showing interest in them first. I’d develop a relationship with them and then a few weeks later, “Hey, could I crash out at your place tonight?” There had been little sincerity in my approach.

However, as long as we show sincerity to the Lord that we want a relationship with Him and Him only, he will give us what we want according to His Will if it is good for us. Sincerely approach the Lord in good faith and seek a relationship with Him. Then we won’t need to ask for anything. The Lord, already knowing what is we need, will simply give us not only what we need, but things we didn’t think we required for our day-to-day living.

Think of the little children going around collecting sweets last night for Halloween. They came to me expecting a normal amount of sweets. I surprised them with an even greater amount than they had previously expected because their costumes were so impressive and clever. It’s like that with the Lord.

If we come to Him dressed in the right clothes, He will not only give us what we were searching for but more than we expected. That is how good the Lord is. Approach Him for His sake, not your own and great things will happen to you.

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