The Heroin That Is Scandal And Gossip

Image by PDPics from Pixabay

We’ve all dabbled in those YouTube Videos that feed our base and sinful instinct to gossip. It is neither beneficial for the Church, Christians who engage in it nor the outside world who already have a pre-existing dislike for religious activity.

I get very few visitors to this blog, but as soon as I talk about something scandalous there’s a sudden increase in traffic. The same is true for YouTube. The greatest amount of traffic are on videos that focus on the sins of priests, theological opinions of the Pope and the erroneous decision making of some Bishops.

You know, some of it is true. It’s not like they’re making it up simply to get traffic to their channels. These are genuine scandals taking place and I can’t say I agree with such public exposition of them. The Orthodox do the same with the Ecumenical Patriarch with regards to the current scandal of the Schism.

Many of the Catholics and Orthodox who engage in this behaviour, tend to stick to it. Why? Because it’s making them popular, generating profitable outcomes such as money from advertising and rich Christians stupid enough to throw away their money and fund their projects simply because they admire the direction it’s headed.

What are the videos with the least likes on them? They are usually those videos that discuss repentance. “Change your ways” and what’s our response? “O.K sounds cute, but . . . give me my scandalous videos instead,” I speak as one who himself finds it very difficult to avoid looking at this type of rubbish. I find myself doing it and asking, “What good is this doing your soul? How are you going to change the course of history by watching a video about priests committing scandalous acts?”

If we can be honest with ourselves we realize that very little grace is obtained from obsessing over Church politics. It can drag us to some dark places where no progress is made toward our relationship with Christ. And because our faith is weak, such faith cannot stand up to these charming videos that are darkening our intellects that never get to know God fully.

Weak-minded people like us always seem to fall for the dazzling brilliance of a good orator with his next story of Church Gossip. We should focus on reading and viewing the material that really matters. Alongside this, simple life of regular prayer, a strong desire to have a revolution of the mind is extremely helpful.

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