VIDEO: With A One Note Flute He Played Many Different Notes

Developed by the Pygmie tribes, you wouldn’t think such an instrument would be of any use. Not only is it of great importance to the Pygmies, but this man managed to take it and produce more notes to put together a beautiful song.

It reminded me of the Gospel passage on the bags of Gold. The Master hands them all this money and they go off and produce more with it. Then it comes to the final servant who instead of investing it, hid the talent out of fear. In the end, he was condemned for having done nothing.

Jesus has handed us a fallen world which is like the one-note flute in the video above. It may not look like much, to begin with, but it’s up to us to see it multiply. We achieve this by using whatever talents we possess to produce a good song that will stand the test of time and echo for an eternity. Yes, take your one-note flute (Gospel) and see how many notes (ways of teaching it to save souls) you can make out of it.

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